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  1. Yeah, that really hasn't been a good bit of publicity for them.
  2. Some audio recording happening with the latest toy from Prodrive, CM or someone else?... https://www.facebook.com/110767835619865/posts/4498843710145567/
  3. All of the above is most cool @PJTierney. The MGS series is one of, if not my most, beloved game series. It clearly has rough edges (and a messy end), but I think MGS V is an incredible game. Each title in the series has a different appeal though, even MGS2 which I was disappointed with at the time but have warmed to over the years.
  4. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I would love to see US Short Course off-road racing in a Dirt Rally game. Pro2 and Pro4 style trucks have appeared in less serious Dirt titles, but I would love to see them get a realistic representation in the same way that rallycross has in DiRT Rally 1 & 2.0... ...that said, I wouldn't want them to come at the expense of rally or rallycross content!
  5. Some of the McRae Challenges are making me rage @BoringDamo! I have a handful left to do on the hardest difficulty and, although I am sure they are possible on controller, I haven't had the time to grind away at the last few yet! Really enjoyed some of the scenarios though, I think it was a very cool way to do a tribute.
  6. Yep, you got it @SRD_SimVansevenant! Definitely agree with your point about the rim options. It is a minor, almost trivial, detail, but something that would really add to the authenticity. Ha! Although it is fugly I can understand why the S7 has appeal for some, as it was a Championship winning car and driven by a number of favourite drivers. Still can't fathom why the S14 is in there though. It has had minimal success and is, as far as I can tell, the least loved Impreza WRCar. Still think that late 2.0L WRCar slot should have been taken by the S12B. The S5 is the
  7. By the time they put out their first official game the hybrid era should already be in full swing. Hopefully the last "normal" cars will also make it in... (Wishful thinking, but I have everything crossed that we see 1.6L WRCars in DR3)
  8. I can't remember the details, but I think others had issues with this. If I recall correctly the external cameras count as an assist, so make sure they are turned off as well. I don't think the trophy description states it, but you have to win the whole event as well as the final, so you need to place well in the qualifiers and semi final to win the whole thing.
  9. Fiesta is my fave as well. Real shame that it seems unlikely we will see the car on the podium this year.
  10. I think the current Yaris and Fiesta WRCars both look a bit mad. The i20 seems a little understated in comparison. In terms of road cars I can't remember the last time a production car excited me as much as the Yaris GR.
  11. I think it would be tricky to sell "DR3" if it doesn't have at least some new locations in it.
  12. This is rather well timed, as I was actually discussing this with some mates (online obviously!) yesterday. Knowing that the DiRT team have been working on "other game(s)" for some time now - and that the WRC license doesn't kick in until 2023 - there is surely going to be another title in the interim?
  13. Intrigued to know what has changed here. Was racing online a few weeks ago and got punted into the infield (on the way down the hill), got immediately reset and got a massive penalty: most annoying!
  14. They could have at least put a surprise new car/Spa in with a patch that big...
  15. Went to have a quick play of DR2.0 this evening: rather surprised that the latest patch is 9.5 GB (PS4). Guess I won't be playing tonight then...
  16. I find the 037 WAY easier to drive in DR2.0. I found it massively unpredictable (and hated using it) in DR1, but I really enjoy driving it in DR2.0... ...but then I think that about pretty much all the RWD cars in DR 2.0. Huge improvement in my personal opinion.
  17. Real rally in chase cam... ...still wish we'd got this car instead of the S14!
  18. What platform are you on @OperationIvy? I normally drive the cars in the career with no modifications until I have done enough miles to unlock the best upgrade (to save a bit of money). I have never noticed any AI jump from level 1 to the top level for any car in either rally or rallycross.
  19. Gutted for Teemu and M-Sport. The Fiesta is my favourite car of the field, but I would be surprised to see it on the podium this year. Suninen looked to have immense pace, but just pushed too hard too early. Now all hopes for the Fiesta are in the hands of Greensmith... 😐
  20. I daresay there are a lot more interested parties in managing a European Championship rather than World RX at the moment.
  21. Reassuring post from Ross on the future in the Gossip thread... https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip-about-dirt-rally-games/?do=findComment&comment=586767
  22. Reassuring words @cmRossGowing and nice to see you in the Gossip thread: please feel free to stop by and post some teasers whenever you want!
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