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  1. Would like to see it confirmed from a more credible source... https://dirtfish.com/rallycross/world-rx/world-rxs-nurburgring-finale-canceled ...but it looks like that is it for the 2020 WRX season.
  2. Yeah, that is what I was thinking after posting @Janneman60... ...they have done it at other rounds, but are they going to be working with limited daylight hours that late in the year?
  3. Forgive the double post, but I have just seen that the official World RX social media pages are stating that Germany will be the final round of the Euro RX, Super 1600 and Formula E Championships. With that in mind, would there be enough hours in the day to potentially fit in two World RX rounds?
  4. Saying "postponed" there, but suggesting it is cancelled elsewhere: https://www.motorsport.com/world-rx/news/spa-world-rx-round-postponed-until-2021/4903620/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-1 That article still says that Germany is planned, but Johan would need to score just three points to win.
  5. Just seen that the British Rallycross rounds at Lydden this weekend (rounds two and three) have been postponed due to a fresh lockdown here in the UK. Absolutely gutted and very frustrated with the lockdown implementation, as it should have come six weeks ago. Fingers crossed they can run a round (or two) in December.
  6. Well the rallycross Santos seems to be part of this team: https://www.facebook.com/bompisoracingteam/ I have only had a quick look, but can't see any reference. Does look like he is an older chap though...
  7. Some surprising choices there, especially with regards to the rallycross cars. No sign of the Megane in the top five rallycross cars, though it is the fastest car in class. Also surprised to see the Polo Supercar so high when it is underpowered (that said, I still use it for the looks!). Surprised the Golf is that high in the rally cars as well: lot of people using the Mini and Golf to get to grips with the game perhaps?
  8. I don't think it is the same chap, though he did carry on racing after the smash, didn't he?
  9. Cheers, saw the post after I posted on here! The official World RX Facebook page shared a slow motion clip earlier in the week, something I didn't notice before is that Bakkerud actually had space to move to his left before they reached the corner. Definitely a shame for Andreas, but can't help but think he could have been a bit more cautious there (much like Loheac last year). I have a huge amount of respect for Kenneth and he always seems quite controlled with his emotions, but Susann Hansen has always been very over the top with her celebrations in front of the camera and i
  10. His conversations about tea and spotting animals at the circuit/in the clouds during the live broadcast yesterday were pretty entertaining as well! Definitely an action packed weekend, but I can't help but think a lot of the drama is caused by the redesigned layout and a terrible turn one. That was a tough call with the final yesterday. Perhaps I am biased as a Johan fan - and yes, he could have given slightly more room - but he clearly had a better start and, when you watch the replay, Andreas was very late on the brakes. Uncharacteristic mistake from Ekstrom as well. Really
  11. I know it isn't for everyone, but I love how rallycross is so well - and so realistically - represented in DR2.0. I'd be gutted to see that watered down in future DR titles.
  12. You talking about roof vents? The scoop is open at the back to allow air to flow through when the roof vent is closed. Otherwise the roof scoop would add a huge amount of drag. Subaru roof vent scoops are definitely open at the back.
  13. I tweeted him about that: his Q2 turbo and Q3 engine impressions were spot on!
  14. Not World RX, but a good bit of British Rallycross news: https://www.rallycrossbrx.com/news/5-nations-brx-confirms-two-round-november-event-and-december-grand-prix-style-finale Given the postponement/cancellation of rounds due to CV19, Lydden will host a double-header event in November and the season finale in December.
  15. I personally think the more recent transition plan for Supercars was MUCH better than the original one and is the approach they should have opted for in the first place; introduce electric as a standalone and then implement it in such a way that the upper tier of the Championship can be contested using either electric or petrol. The original deadline for total transition was unrealistic and I think was catering to the whims of a couple of manufacturers in the hope that others would follow. Of course with IMG departing now it remains to be seen how things will proceed with electric.
  16. Oh really? Thats interesting, so the Projekt-E cars have something in reserve then?
  17. Well the implementation plan for electric (prior to CV-19), was to open the World Championship up to petrol and electric entries next year... ...but I suspect that plan may be changed given how things have unfolded in 2020. The electric cars are slower at the moment, but they are still in their infancy and not a million miles behind the pace of their petrol counterparts. I don't think it will be long before they are a lot closer.
  18. I am rather envious @PJTierney: the British RX round at Lydden was good, but I am gagging to get to a World RX round this year! Latvia seems to have handled CV-19 so much better than anyone else. I was really surprised to see spectators in the grandstand for Drift Masters a couple of months ago and the situation is obviously still stable there given that they had the same again for the World RX rounds. Nice feature. I think his judgment of the Projekt-E cars is a little unfair, but does echo the thoughts of a lot of rallycross fans.
  19. It is a weird noise in real life. First time I heard one on stage I thought it was broken!
  20. Yeah, I am not convinced about that justification either...
  21. Well no last minute i20 but, in the latest patch notes: "FIA World Rallycross Championship: Removed AI driver names which were mistakenly appearing when using 2019-spec cars." At least we haven't got the annoyance of seeing the GRX drivers without their cars!
  22. And yet it still looked better to me than the STARD prepared Fiesta. Perhaps some of that was down to Raymond though, I am of the opinion he is a seriously underrated driver.
  23. They aren't spaceframes, they are based on a road car chassis (like the Supercars). All the electric running gear is from STARD and they sell the whole lot as a kit that can be dropped straight into a Supercar or R5 shell. The C3 was prepared by Citroen Racing, so it is my assumption that they based it on an R5 C3 shell.
  24. Very glad that we have Ekstrom this year. The PSRXVW Polo and EKS S1 are two of my favourites of the WRX-era and I am thoroughly enjoying seeing Johan and Mattias going head-to-head in those cars. Real shame not see Niclas closer, though he does seem to be emerging as the "best of the rest" now. Interesting to see tidier driving from Bakkerud and Doran this weekend. Compared to previous weekends there seemed to be less mechanical failures for the GCK Meganes as well. Still a long way from trouble free, but I hope they continue to improve as it could be an encouraging sign for 2021.
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