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  1. Liveries and other details are cool... ...but this is the bit I am most interested in. Real shame we aren't going to get the GRX i20, but I am really excited about the new Fiesta R5 and there is still one more patch to give us that all blue S4S5...
  2. Jon confirms the correct audio for the new Fiesta R5 in a comment on Facebook:
  3. CM - Codemasters. R5 - R5 20 - 2.0
  4. I hope the CM audio squad have been able to get some time with an R5 Evo 2...
  5. Tricky to write, as the situation still seems to be fluid, but 2020 World RX preview: http://fueltopia.co.uk/world-rallycross-championship-2020-preview/
  6. Does look good... ...though I was expecting is to have something new to drive today!
  7. No i20, but we get the Mk.II Fiesta, woo!
  8. Awwwwww, fingers crossed for good news tomorrow...
  9. That is what I thought. The STARD Fiesta is already in game as well, so they have the car model... ...fingers crossed the teaser tonight confirms the i20!
  10. Indeed, so does that mean we can expect to see patch notes this afternoon?...
  11. Come on Rachel, make this our day, our month and our year...
  12. Ha, that would be epic! Looks like Janis may contest limited rounds. I guess JC Raceteknik are keen to put someone in the car, as there are financial penalties if they don't. Trying to write a preview for this season is a nightmare: there have been so many changes in the last few months!
  13. Janis Baumanis doesn't have the budget for 2020, so Mattias Ekstrom will drive in his place: https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10662/ekstrom-back-in-world-rx
  14. Well 20 days or less until we fibd out!
  15. Entry for Kouvola up, 19 Supercars... https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/docs/2020 WorldRX Entry list - Kouvola (FIN).pdf
  16. Just chilling here, waiting for news on the DR2.0 surprise(s).
  17. It is definitely a fun one to race with friends: you know at least one of you is going to push too hard and end up on your roof!
  18. It was my least favourite round on the revised calendar, so I am not that sad to see it go... ...that was the last bit of "World" in the 2020 calendar though: it is all European now.
  19. I REALLY hope the surprises aren't eSport related. I am sure that aspect of the game appeals to some, but it doesn't interest me at all.
  20. I saw a story a few days ago that Ford are officially partnered with STARD concerning electric rallycross: http://stard.at/2020/07/17/stard-launches-worlds-first-road-car-based-electric-motorsport-customer-programme-with-the-ford-fiesta-erx2/
  21. We can but hope. I am sure, like us, Jen is still curious to know about any final DR2.0 "surprises".
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