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  1. Come on Rachel, make this our day, our month and our year...
  2. Ha, that would be epic! Looks like Janis may contest limited rounds. I guess JC Raceteknik are keen to put someone in the car, as there are financial penalties if they don't. Trying to write a preview for this season is a nightmare: there have been so many changes in the last few months!
  3. Janis Baumanis doesn't have the budget for 2020, so Mattias Ekstrom will drive in his place: https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10662/ekstrom-back-in-world-rx
  4. Well 20 days or less until we fibd out!
  5. Entry for Kouvola up, 19 Supercars... https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/docs/2020 WorldRX Entry list - Kouvola (FIN).pdf
  6. Just chilling here, waiting for news on the DR2.0 surprise(s).
  7. It is definitely a fun one to race with friends: you know at least one of you is going to push too hard and end up on your roof!
  8. It was my least favourite round on the revised calendar, so I am not that sad to see it go... ...that was the last bit of "World" in the 2020 calendar though: it is all European now.
  9. I REALLY hope the surprises aren't eSport related. I am sure that aspect of the game appeals to some, but it doesn't interest me at all.
  10. I saw a story a few days ago that Ford are officially partnered with STARD concerning electric rallycross: http://stard.at/2020/07/17/stard-launches-worlds-first-road-car-based-electric-motorsport-customer-programme-with-the-ford-fiesta-erx2/
  11. We can but hope. I am sure, like us, Jen is still curious to know about any final DR2.0 "surprises".
  12. Why is Jen here? Has she returned in anticipation of an announcement?
  13. Yeah. First time I remember seeing them get a mention was when Petter was talking about his DS3 back in 2013, but there name has popped up numerous times since: LDM, KMS, Marklund, GRX, Munnich, Derek Tohill and several others all use Galway Carbon panels. I believe they are also involved with "The Project" Subaru kits as well.
  14. Galway Carbon supply panels for a LOT of World and Euro cars, definitely a useful contact if they have 3D models for those cars!
  15. Yeah. Very well presented livestream, I certainly felt like I got what I paid for. Great to see the drone idea lifted from Formula D as well. Doubt it will be possible to do that again, but it was brilliant to see it here. Also 100% agreed. Impressed with how competitive Oliver and the DS3 were, especially considering that car hasn't undergone any extensive preparation since 2016. Favourite bit of the weekend for me. Rare to see any emotion from a Gronholm, but Niclas face was a picture in the studio, there was genuine laughter from the other three drivers and Marcus did a su
  16. Impressive drive from Johan in the inferior (no offence to KMS) car. Great drive from Larsson as well. Much smoother than usual, he could be a serious contender if he drives the latest spec S1 like that in the World Championship. Surprised by the pace of Gronholm: honestly thought he'd be leaving everyone else for dead! Hopefully they can refine the car for tomorrow.
  17. I think it is unlikely, but it would be amazing to get this. The only reason I still fire up DiRT 4 every now and then is to use this car: would complete DR2.0 for me!
  18. I wonder how many of this years events will be behind closed doors?
  19. New livery for the Gronholm i20: Similar to last years, but still looks good. Not sure if it is the new livery (or the pictures), but the rear quarters look different?
  20. Forgive the double post, but an interesting news snippet: https://www.motorsport.com/world-rx/news/wrx-regulations-changes-subaru/4810399/ If the times at Canada last year were anything to go by, the STI could be competitive at World level. Have Vermont/Subaru got the budget for it?...
  21. His father has definitely taught him well! Oliver was brilliant to watch in the 2018 RallyX Nordic season.
  22. Yeah, me too! Hopefully going to see full-attack Solberg behind the wheel.
  23. Oliver confirmed in the PSRX DS3 in the Supercar class. Petter appearing in "Legends" perhaps?
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