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  1. Nice video mate. However, I'm not holding my breathe towards your gossip part. Either Codies pulls a DR1 kind of release or I'm just not seeing it happen. Anyway, I did my Gaming PC back in 2012 so it looks like a toaster now... maybe they'll waiting for me to sell a kidney and update this hahaha
  2. @SRD_SimVansevenant and @PJTierney I wouldn't mind doing the Portuguese pacenotes for sure. We had at least in DR1 a "Portuguese" co-driver but it was in brazilian... (It's like UK-UK and US-UK) common guys.
  3. I know my friend! Thank you. I also did the templates for all the cars, but our will never got to fruition. Hopefully the next game will come soon enough so I can do more templates 🙂
  4. @PJTierney don't know if you guys have this one, but from Ricardo Oliveira's facebook (@world photographer): Jon going bezerk
  5. TL:DR, anyway, from experience Rain Tyres are good on the Dry if the stage is small. The compound is even softer than softer tyres, so good grip from the get-go, however, due to the sides being too soft too, what usually happens is that you overheat the tyres very quickly especially in FWD cars. The medium, soft and hard compounds have more or less the same grip levels. Usually, it depends on the stage. If you do have big stages a hard tyre is required because they don't wear as much as a softer tyre. But when you have the tyres on the right temperature grip levels are the same for
  6. Yeah, multiclass or select just one car (block the others) should do it. I don't like BoP's
  7. The Lancer Evo VI is a Group A but just because the rules allowed it. Like, Gr.A car could not have sequential gearboxes and stuff like that. Mitsubishi had a waiver to create a WRC at least until 2001, so they remained with the Gr.A until then. But the car was a hybrid, so, it would be fair to have it on the under 2000cc. I would part it like: Gr.2 - Fulvia, Mini, DS21 Gr.4 - Escort, 131, Stratos, Ascona, Alpine, R5 Turbo, Kadett, 240Z Gr.B_2wd - M1, 911 SC, 037, Manta Gr.B_4wd - Quattro, T16, S4, 6R4, RS200 Gr.A - Cossie, Delta, Impreza'95, Legacy Gr.A_
  8. @warpengage, as far as I know, none of the 1.6l WRC can compete at the WRC anymore, although the Hyundais and the late spec Ford still having homologation. And I would like to have them spent money on them instead of more 2.0l cars that nobody will care about. End of the day, everybody will use the C4 in leagues and that's about it as the car is OP.
  9. Me: I will not make any car request or wishlist Also me: https://youtu.be/K2sRlYYMDoM 😁
  10. And, I said I wouldn't say anything regarding the wishlist, but for me, this is basically what I want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrYbfH4OtRU&ab_channel=Video2rallye83 Proper tarmac physics, fantastic mountain roads (CMR2.0 had France and Italy and they were fantastic) and a bunch of loud ass Kit-Car to run them. I'll get crucified by this, but, when you nail a tarmac stage... it's just *muah*! Tarmac is way more challenging than gravel... (sorry, not sorry)
  11. Yo veo por lo menos tres protitipos ai mi amigo. Regarding RBR, I think it's a forbidden door in here xD But it's a testament when you do things well how long they can last (and how the company failed miserably and the game is basically freeware since 2006)!!
  12. I don't think Codies will do anything else for 2.0, but let's hope the licensing is extending to the next rally game
  13. I was just messing guys. I could only see this happening from two (dreamy) perspectives. Either EA as Polyphony Digital pocket money or we will get M, O, Double D, ING! In any case... nope. And to be fair I would like to see the team spend resources on something else. Yeah, I do have my favourite cars, classes, etc, but... a favourite car isn't anything. Anyway, for me, if they get 5/6 Rally2 cars (Fiesta, C3, Fabia, Polo, i20 (and Proton maybe)), the 4 Rally4 cars (208, Corsa, Clio, Fiesta), the Rally3 Fiesta and a handful of R-GT ( Porsche, AM, Abarth, Lotus and the Alpine) I will be mo
  14. @PJTierney has the worse job of them all. Listen to people's wishlists hahahaha I think the best option Codies has is licensing every rally car under the sun and that should cover it
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