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  1. hi, on clubs the Uruguayan flag doesn't show correcly for others seem to work, maybe it's just on my side
  2. when racing RX on Bikernieki the starting grid orded is displayed inverted, since v1.5 Could I please have the Uruguay country flag now in the profile options? thanks
  3. LeonardoRatafia

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    I'm from Uruguay (south america) they never put our flag and there's just 12 countries only on South America. And I buy the damn game it's not that I use pirate game. it's really silly of devs and disrespectful sorry for OT
  4. LeonardoRatafia

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    i'm bored because I don't have my country flag to select #lazydevs
  5. will you add more nacionalities or is that too much to ask?
  6. why only Costa Rica added to nacionalities?
  7. LeonardoRatafia

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    really short on change logs unless hiding stuff. It would more like a 1.21 than a 1.3 patch, though name convention is not a universal thing.
  8. LeonardoRatafia

    Wrong translation

    really? don't you guys have any spanish speaking people in there? it's not an that you are an indi dev team and it's not early access, I believe. is it a hard compound or is it a hard to mount compound?
  9. LeonardoRatafia

    "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

    I don't know how they release a game without even thinking on these stuff. What's the point of having a real rally advisor and tester if he doesn't even think of this kind of settings. It's not that is hard to code. #lazydevs
  10. maybe it's just a bug. I can't believe if they hired a pro racing driver he doesn't feel that difference on the gear they use, fanatec, thrustmaster
  11. but you can set it to an analog axis though, you mean even if set as analog it doesn't work properly in a range but more like a button?
  12. LeonardoRatafia

    Replay gallery

    hi, could it be possible to add a replay gallery and an option to save the replay of each stage and rx you race, not only watch them. thanks
  13. hi, why is it that several countries nacionalities are missing? we don't want to select "rest of the world", what kind of joke is it? don't be lazy and add all the countries. why is there Venezuela and not Uruguay, it's so silly. There's only 20 or so countries to select from 200, there's only 13 countries in South America. How would you expect from any one to pre order for your game when you can't even select your country to begin with. thanks