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  1. Pretty random question, but will there still be the possibility to remove the drivers' hands and also the virtual steering wheel from the cockpit view like in Dirt Rally? I think it really makes it more immersive. 
  2. KevM said:
    Surely the department that worked on coding DiRT for the console port, were totally separate to the team that design cars/stages/physics, & I doubt they all sat around idol waiting on their teammates doing they're stuff?
    Fair enough, but even if they were starting to develop a new Dirt Game in 2015, releasing it next year without Even having confirmed anything about it yet seems unrealistic. Don't know about some early Access stuff. So the only thing left to offer for the next year would have to be related to the current game imo. 
  3. I'm surprised that people think Codemasters are anywhere near releasing a new Dirtgame and that this is the stuff they worked on. Maybe the big news is that they will confirm working on it, but since they were busy with the current game until the release of the console ports (early 2016) I can't imagine them having something concrete to show us at this point. Releasing a dlc on the other hand would seem to be a bit late, maybe a bigger add-on including new licenses and game modes. 
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