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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IzaVxdDsWk
  2. i was reading a interview with someone from codemasters ealier - http://gamingbolt.com/f1-2014-interview-a-fresh-start-for-the-franchise where the guy being interviewed said that quote "we made the conscious decision to give ourselves enough time to make sure we get it right, both in technical and in gameplay terms. We’re investing a lot of time on the technical side". well, here's some ideas of mine that are "investing a lot of time on the technical side" -  1. tyre blankets in the pits (been left out of the game for far too long). 2. proper Energy Recovery System - harvesting under brakes, manual control. 3. 6 conponents to the power unit: - engine, turbo, MGU-K, MGU-H, energy store, control electronics (only 5 of the 6 can be used at once) 4. turbo mapping, torque mapping. 5. 100 Kilo/hour fuel flow limit. 6. penalties for exceeding 5 power unit limit during season and for exceeding fuel flow limit (player manages that manualy) what do you guys think?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceuIIKVEmGs&feature=youtu.be&a check it out, and this time it's someone who can actually drive,  what do use think?
  4. i've just found this video of f1 2014 from the 2014 tokyo game show, check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQTIV-ESU7s
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    On Board Hot laps!

    i think so too, when i clicked on the monaco lap, for a second i thought it was real until i saw the f1 2014 banners and the steering wheel
  6. mjchaney96

    Monza gameplay

    i think this was the driver evaluation test at the start of the career mode, correct me if i'm wrong
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    First play, a proper driver, no assists. F1 2014.

    realistic engine power, the Renault powered red bull's slipstream in behind the Mercedes down the front straight didn't amount to anything, typical Renault.
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    New F1 2014 Trailer

    i think it's fair to say that this game is not F1 2013, it's much, much better  :D
  9. You're thinking of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain started at night this year like Singapore. Also since it's a 25% race there wouldn't be a day-to-night transition. No, i know what i mean. Look Sorry for low res Sorry my bad, I just remember the race from the official race edit and it seemed like it was night there during the start. Apparently my memory is starting to fall to pieces. But it is interesting that the 25% race is at night. I wonder if the same applies to Abu Dhabi as well. Last three games it wasn't night in the 25% races. Abu Dhabi will probably be left as is.  Bahrain was classified as a night race like Singapore which was why I think it was done this way. Abu Dhabi is classified as a day/night race or twilight race as you might call it in that it takes place part  in day and part at night i think codemasters are implementing a day/night transition in Bahrain, because i don't think they would have shown these images in the first trailer if theyre not going to: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ByrJrVzCIAAYXiX.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ByrJreyCQAAKLsz.jpg
  10. gear, lap time, position, engine temperature, front Tyre temps and rear Tyre temps
  11. The ERS is automatic this year, however can be manged with the fuel mixes (lean, normal and rich)
  12. i love it, sochi's looking awesome  :)
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    like in real life i think it really depends on how good you are in the wet
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    The childish stupidty needs to STOP NOW

    um, your forgetting the horrificuly painfull site for sore eyes known as milestones WRC series, worst games in human history ever produced.....
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    F1 2014 Screenshots

    the shot of sebastian vettel shows just how much the graphics have been improved in the game, good stuff codemasters http://i.imgur.com/UtKuciT.jpg
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    i just hope career mode other than choice of season length isn't identical to f1 2012 + 2013
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    i certainly don't like to blatant similarity to the f1 2013 hud and pits area, however i hope it's this quality because 95% of codemasters time is being spent on next-gen f1
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    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    maybe the middle panel of the wing breaks off with a big enough impact to the rear
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    ideas for career mode: 1) longer career mode (be able to choose either 5, 10 or 15 seasons)2a) bring back the pr assistant rather than the email system, this was a good feature of f1 2010.2b) bring back driver salaries to contracts (as in f1 2010)3a) bring back the paddock, in f1 2010 you could talk to the media, see other drivers walking past your team's motor homes and enter the truck where your pr assistant was with her laptop.3b) be able to walk around the paddock, it would be cool to be able to explore the paddock and rather than going to the next session in the menu, the driver should walk into the garage when it's time for the next session.4) Thursday press conferences, these are apart of every f1 race involving 6 selected f1 drivers, it would be cool to part-take in these in the career mode.5) more in depth R&D, the R&D in f1 2010 for me was the best out of the four games, however it can be better than that and more advanced (like physically trying new parts on the car, e.g a new front wing)6) Tyre warmers/electric blankets, something i noticed in the garage is that the tyres don't have the electric blankets the teams use.7) driving out onto the grid before the race, well codemasters nearly had this one covered except you skip to the race half way down the pits, wrong. after leaving the garage, complete the lap and take your position on the grid.8) warm up laps and slow down laps9) ERS harvesting, this year with the new engines the drivers need to do a great amount of energy harvesting, in qualifying the drivers have been using all their ERS one lap and then harvesting power right throughout the next to have another go. along with the brake bias and engine mix adjustments you can make in car you should be able to adjust how much harvesting your doing. also, this year the rain light has been lighting up to warn the car behind that the car ahead is harvesting electricity and will slow down.9)podium celebrations and post race press conferences. the post race conferences for the podium finishers was in f1 2010 and they need to return, also have post qualifying conferences as in real f1.10) FIA gala awards cermonies. at the end of the year the championship winning driver and constuctor recieve trophies at this awards ceremony in monaco, i rekon it would be cool to have these in the game. these features for me would make for an awesome career mode.
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    F1 2014: #1 Career Mode / Grand Prix Mode

    all of this would make for a truly awesome game. with career mode codemasters should also revert to the f1 2010 career mode where you actually live the life with a pr assistant and talks with the media, show the podium celebrations and bring back post race press conferences if your on the podium.
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    codemasters should bring gp2 and gp3 into the game, so that in career mode you have to earn your way into an f1 drive/test rather than starting out at the young drivers test, also, the career mode needs to be more than 5 seasons, for me thats just too short.