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  1. ICE95

    Teammates in my team mode

    Game doesn't offer me option to choose Mick Schumacher as team mate. He's not even in the list. Does any one had this issue?
  2. ICE95

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    Maybe don't try to monitize game and everything will work 🙂
  3. ICE95

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    How comes you already playing it?
  4. ICE95

    Vip pass

    Hi! Does anyone know what is vip pass and how it's going to work in f1 2020 @BarryBL
  5. ICE95

    Psn Pre-Order

    I want to pre-order to get 3 day early access. @BarryBL please provide some update on psn pre-order I think I'm no the only one who wants some news on this topic
  6. ICE95

    Safety car

    Thanks! Saved 20 $
  7. ICE95

    Safety car

    Hi! Since f1 2019 now is for sale for 19.99 USD in ps store, want to to know is it worth the price? Is safety car bug fixed? For now still playing f1 2018