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  1. @BarryBL I'm in my 4th season of driver career, 5 rounds left and during these for seasons I had 0 SC, a lot of VSC though. Is there any reasonable explanation for this? I've tried turning it on and of but nothing. Setting is on but I've only seen Sc parked in pits. How I can enable it in the game? Playing on ps4
  2. So you're saying Rosberg is better than Hamilton and Schumacher? Really!? I'm I missing something?
  3. Why Nico Rosberg!? Why is he legendary? Is it because he got lucky and immediately quit, because he knew that there's no chance he could beat Hamilton twice? Is that it?
  4. ICE95

    Safety car

    You're lucky, I'm in my 3rd season, and I have only seen sc parked in pit lane 😂
  5. Please help, I don't understand instalation steps Windows Add a custom build step in Qt Creator: Command: %QTDIR%/bin/windeployqt.exe Arguments: "App\release\PXG F1 Telemetry.exe" --dir package Copy "PXG F1 Telemetry.exe" in the package directory Install and copy the OpenSSL dll inside the package directory Also I type in IP in quick instructions and get connecion failed
  6. you're right - Let's agree to disagree. And also remeber that each and every one of us will always have our own opinion and preferences. This also means that you can't satisfy everyone
  7. ICE95

    F1 2021 game

    it's no it the offical 2021 racing calndar so don't get your hopes to high
  8. you can just go to any time you like
  9. AI not aggressive people complain, AI aggressive people complain. People please make up your mind!
  10. I drive for Williams, 5 rounds left in s3, and only facility spec3 is reliability. This sucks, other teams ar continuing to develop and Williams just drops lower and lower
  11. ICE95

    Record history

    It would be great if future f1 games would have some kind of record ledger, where games show you current track record and who holds it, and if you or AI sets a new record game saves that. Als during 10 seasons there are a lot of records that could be broken (most consecutve wins, poles, no dnf etc) That would make game so much more interesting @BarryBL maybe any comments on this topic Sorry for my English
  12. Somehow unknowingly I made the same looking car 😂
  13. How comes you already playing it?
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