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  1. When selecting "use with" in any of the customisation modes, you are unable to see any of the options highlighted other than okay or cancel. Format:- PS4 Version:- 1.15 Effected Game Mode: all customisation modes Reproduction:- easily reproduced any time you go to the customisation screen 20210130_224131.mp4
  2. You may find that you can still select the options it is just that they are no longer currently highlighted due to a bug a guess
  3. Still no luck with the season pass guys sprint pack still isn't free!!
  4. Hey guys can you give Sony a kick up the butt as the content is still listed as PAID content and not FREE for season pass holders annoyed by this as I am really looking forward to using the content 
  5. Hopefully it'll fix a lot of the issues this game has had looking forward to using to the sprint tracks too
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