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  1. Not yet, maybe this is something that could be added to the app. One downside of adding something like that is, that it requires new Permissions (USB Access), and some people find it fishy if an app requests a lot of permissions that they cant make sense of at first. Potentially yes, but if this would exist, it would only work on PC (on PS4 and Xbox One you cannot send data over Bluetooth if the game does not support it). This may also introduce Latency issues, has a reduced Range in comparison to Wifi and adds potential issues when dealing with different Bluetooth Stacks and Hardware on Windows. And finally it needs new permissions, similar to the question above. I think this could be a solution in special circumstances, when the user plays on the PC, has no Wifi Router but a Bluetooth Dongle. Beside that the Wifi Access should always be superior.
  2. The Version is currently in Beta, thats why you cannot see that yet. Probably he forgot that he is part of the Beta Testers. The update will be released soon, so you can use these features as well. 😎
  3. StryderIT

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    As this is a Screenshot of SIM Dashboard I'll answer this. The names are not mentioned in the Driver Names List of the Telemetry Description in the first post, so I have not added them to the app. But now that you posted the corresponding names I'll add them. The next update of the app is planned for the coming week, so this will already be part of it.
  4. Probably forever 🤷‍♂️, because it's not me who is too lazy to add support for that game. Codies need to output the telemetry data on consoles, but as long as this feature is not implemented on PS4/Xbox One no one can get the data from the game. This feature is currently only avaialble in their F1 Games on Consoles, but not for the other Games...
  5. StryderIT

    grid 2019 vs motion rig

    +1 for Telemetry support (including Dash Data) on PC, PS4, Xbox One
  6. The driver names are not provided by Codemasters due to privacy concerns: Statement from the Developer of the Game here So unfortunately its not possible at the moment.
  7. Ok, thanks! I'll have a look at these driver names.
  8. StryderIT

    F1 2019 drs on cockpit

    If you have an Android Device and you are willing to use it for additional information, you could try my SIM Dashboard App and use one of LED Bar Widgets. They have options: to show the DRS Availability on the 1st LED (default green) to either turn on the 2nd LED or the first five LED's once DRS is activated That can be configured on any of the LED Bar Widgets. Here is an example Design where those options are activated on the upper LED Bar. In the screenshot DRS is currently off Beside that there is also a DRS Widget which can be placed on the screen like on this Design:
  9. No, this app is only for Android, sorry. The main idea behind this app is to improve immersion and remove the data from the game overlay and instead use a dedicated screen (the Android device) like in real life.
  10. Ok, but the cars were classic cars or F2 cars?
  11. Is that in classic mode? I can have a look at that and update it with the next update.
  12. The app is now supporting also F1 2019 on PS4, Xbox and PC! I have updated the first post with additional information. Here is a teaser video for some of the App features that are F1 2019 related:
  13. You have to specifiy a different port for the other application, then select the Forward UDP Telemetry Tab in the PC Application and add a Forwarding Entry for Dirt Rally 2.0 with the port of the second application. I'll have a look if I can add it.
  14. Hi! You could do the following to achieve this: Take the Pit Limiter Text Widget from Vehicle -> Pit Lane -> Pitlimiter (style text) Then for the widget customization options: - ON Color: #FF000000 (black) - OFF Color: #00000000 (transparent) - Check: Use Custom Text - ON Text: PIT - OFF Text: - Backgroundcolor if ON: #FFFFFFFF (white) - Backgroundcolor if OFF: #00000000 (transparent) - Font: Roboto - Fontsie: 90 - Textdirection: Center - Aspect Ratio: 12:6 This will create the White Background with the PIT Text if the PIT Limiter is active. If you need to stretch it all the way over the entire screen Width, I think I need to adjust the maximum width in the next update. If you place the widget in the Z-Order below your Gear and Speed Widget and set the Textdirection to Left, the white Background would look like in your Picture (when I have extended the maximum width of the widget).
  15. Regarding driver ahead/behind: Are you running the game on the PC or on PS4/Xbox? I think your name suggestion is also wrong, most probably only a typo. He seems to be called Kvyat, Kwjat is was he is called in german. My guess is that his name is cyrillic and all his name occurrences in the latin alphabet are just translations. But using the global english one is probably a good idea.