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  1. lmntr

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    Google is telling the whole world there is no career mode in f1 2015.     :o
  2. lmntr

    Can't Start F1 2014

    His last activity in the forum was November 2014.
  3. lmntr

    F1 2015 Preview Roundup | Codemasters Blog

    Please, A list of supported wheel sets is needed in order to plan your purchases before launch and be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. By the way, a list of supported headsets will also be good.
  4. Is there a timeline to release a list of compatible wheels?   I already have another game and have a wheel in mind to get.  But I want to ensure it will be compatible with f1 2015 as well.  I do not think I can wait until July.  I am afraid that if I buy a wheel set and later find out it is not compatible with 2015; I will not be buying the game.   I already know of the "official" wheels but that is not what I have in mind.    Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  5. lmntr

    Announcing F1 2015

    Normally I stay away from squabbles but people keep biting the hook, if you know what I mean.  I get on this forum to learn of updates and useful information but instead I find someone's personal playground.   The solution is do not bite the hook, unless of course the post truly deserves a response and something meaningful will come out of it.  At the end, they might have to close this thread only to start again.
  6. Britpoint wrote on the "announcing f1 2015" thread "OK so, you will be astonished to discover that I can't give you a supported wheel list! Basically there are one or two devices that have little bugs that are being worked on, and until they're fixed there's a small chance those devices won't make it on the list. So rather than risk releasing one list then having to remove a device from it, we're just waiting until everything on there is definitely good to go.  Personally I think your devices will probably be fine. But that's not totally confirmed at this point, so I recommend waiting for the full list to be certain." I appreciate the fact that you guys are working on a compatible wheel set list and that you are working on a couple that have some problems.  I will still wait until all information is in before I purchase a game copy, since I most likely would have to buy another wheel.  I am still hoping I might be able to use my existing wheel.   I really believe that this information has to come out before launch.
  7. I am not aware that f1 2015 codemasters have bothered to post a compatible list.  Project cars have and they list the t100 compatible for both pc and ps4; so this wheel has an excellent chance to be compatible with f1 2015.   I do not think anyone can confirm this until people start playing it or codemasters finally post it.  Still waiting and no sale for me…….
  8. Just curious, if anyone has tried a suppossedly incompatible wheel with Project Cars, like any of the Logitech with the PS4?  If it worked, I wonder if it would work with f1 2015.  I read somewhere that some incompatible wheels might work but you would have to use the controller to navigate the menu.  I also left a "clean message" in regards to their wheels no longer compatible when visiting gaming.logitech.com when asked to review their website.  Maybe if enough of logitech owners would do this………….
  9. Okay, project cars has already posted for sometime a comprehensive list of wheels that will be compatible with their game in all platforms.  http://www.projectcarsgame.com/beyond-reality.html Why can't f1 2015 codemasters do the same?  We only know of a several wheels above that they have bothered to announce as "official". Surely, there must be other wheels that will work with it but are not official.    More information will be greatly beneficial in this area if they really wanted to move their game.     
  10. Everyone is getting caught in the hype of the new game but, like most gamers, I am looking to decide what platform to get for the new game.  But most important, what wheel set to get to compliment it.  There is a very limited choice for wheel sets so far and this being the year for a new game and new console makes it paramount to know this ahead of your purchase with your hard earned money$$.  A lot of us had purchased logitech wheels maybe expecting them to continue to be supported by the game, only to be shocked that potentialy they will no longer be.   For PS4$ you can get a thrustmaster t80(non ffb) or t300RS$ (force feedback).  For XBox One you will get a Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback$.  I am not sure if Fanatec has announced their wheel set.  I am afraid of PC with all their problems I read in the forums, I like the idea of just inserting my disc in the console and play, so maybe PC is out for me.   Also, there is a potential that your existing wheel might just work but you would need your controller to navigate the menu.  I just wish there was more information out there to make an educated decision.  So maybe, I will just delay my purchase and read the reviews first in the forum.    
  11. I have enjoyed playing in psorc.com so much in season 5.  We have great guys competing here and all abilities are welcome.  Some of the guys are blindingly fast and others like me (intermediate/pro)..  So come on in and let's see what you have in a friendly enviroment.   I am looking forward to another great season.  FYI.  The season start has been pushed back one week to April 15, 2015.   See you there!
  12. lmntr

    announcement date?

    Is it not that a pattern that the game is released close to the end of the year?  
  13. lmntr

    F1 2014 MODS

    What else can you change with pc?  engine performance, tire adhesion?  
  14. lmntr

    2014 Canada 1:13.263 online setup

    Did you ever do Singapore?  I did not see it.
  15. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    We had moderate response for participants and still more is needed in the form of commitment.  Those interested need to provide their PS Id privately.   This Monday we will be doing Monza.   After that it will be invite only.   7 PM  USA Central  (Chicago).