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    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    We will be playing Spa this coming Monday 7:00 PM USA Central.   25%  No Assist, please wheels only.
  2. lmntr

    strange results in race

    Lots of views but no comment yet.  Is this a new way to cheat whent you have a full lobby and nobody is paying attention?   It seems he waited right before I crossed the start line and he pulled out first to be registered first after wiping data to make it appear he was first off the line.  
  3. lmntr

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Sorry if I am stuck with the ghost car process topic.  I think the ghost car process should be removed and let everyone get into an accident if they pile up into the first turn of the corner.  It would teach everyone to be mindful of space around you and that your race can be ruined as well if you disregard your action.
  4. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    We had a moderate turn out for wheels only and no assists.  I will do this maybe 2 or 3 times open to everyone and then it will be by invite only.  I will suggest for those interested to send me your information privately so that I can add you.  We are currently without a home (website),  but if we can get a group together, maybe we can ask for an umbrella league so that we can do this properly.  Mondays 7 PM USA Central.
  5. lmntr

    2014 Canada 1:13.263 online setup

    this thread belongs in set ups
  6. lmntr

    [PS3] no aids clean racers group

    I sent you a private message, did you read it?  I collected all people who have posted similar interest.   See thread "f1 2014 ps3 league for wheel users only"
  7. lmntr

    F1 2014 Multiplayer connection issues

    I used to have connectivity problems which stopped after I connected the console directly to the modem. Later, I placed the modem nearby (directly above the room) until it read 100% reception and still no problems.  The only problem I encounter now that the console is connected wirelessly is when the microwave oven is used.
  8. lmntr

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    how about a rammer detector?  I am not a programmer so this might not even be possible.  But, if the game detects a player whose intention is to ram as many players out, the rammer would be tagged and converted into a ghost car.
  9. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    Kian, You currently allow both wheel and pads combined on the same race.  If you look at the title of thread: it is obvious that your reply in this thread does not belong and only serves to deviate its purpose.  I will reiterate,  for those who are interested in only wheels and no assists, I will be opening a lobby on Monday, January 26, at 7PM USA Central time.   I have already contacted like people privately, so if you have the same interest; please join us.   The starting time is workable between 6pm later, depending on location of interested parties.   For now it is 7 PM.
  10. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    For those interested in racing with wheels only and no assists; I am openning a lobby on Monday 7 PM USA Central time.
  11. lmntr

    f1 2014 game freeze (PS3)

    I just replaced the thermo compound and it seems that the console is working fine so far 2 1/2 hours in the first day.  I also noticed that apparently the console is not going to high speed fan mode as it used to do after about 15 minutes.  It seems it never went to high speed.
  12. lmntr

    announcement date?

    Is there evidence that f1 2015 game will be released a lot earlier this year? F1 2014 was just released last year mid October. Are expectations realistic?
  13. lmntr

    ghost car process

    Yesterday, I was running on line on PS3 and the car behind me went through my car ever so slightly until he had completely passed, yet I did not feel a bump at all.  This took several seconds.  Is this normal?   
  14. I had the same problem. I ended up selling it and buying Driving Force GT.  I might have to sell it as well for 2015?  I read somewhere that it might not be compatible with the 2015 game.   What is it with these people changing wheels for the game?
  15. lmntr

    career reset trophies

    Thanks for your answer.
  16. It would be nice if you stated upfront what platform instead of having to do a run around.
  17. Good luck in finding what you are looking for.   There are many leagues not running a full grid these days.  
  18. Anyone can understand that running a league would be quite an undertaking not to be taken lightly. It involves running and managing a website, not to mention all the internal drama.  Yet, you can only race on Sundays at 8 PM?
  19. lmntr

    F1 2010

    I think if you want to join a league, they are all playing the f1 2014 game.
  20. I just tried the link and it did not connect.
  21. Glad to help your game.  I had a hunch it would work.  I will wait patiently for someone to comment on why this worked. 
  22. I am by no means an expert but I wonder if this will work: Connect your pad before opening game, open game and erase and restart career once again, race a little so that application registers you are using a pad, close game.  Connect wheel before opening game, open game and play.  Did it make a difference?
  23. Please confirm that you did not have a problem when you played the wheel on a profile that you started with a pad originally.  Now that you started a brand new profile with the wheel you are having problems.  
  24. lmntr

    unreal lap times

    I checked.  It is a different person but the feeling is the same.  They both are at first in stratosphere heights.  I would certainly not trust if I were playing with them in a league.  I should point out these are both in time trial and is not visible on internet but only on console playing the game.
  25. lmntr

    unreal lap times

    What year game?  Did you see my post on F1 2013 spa?   I will take a look to see if it is the same person.