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    f1 2014 game freeze (PS3)

    Okay, I will be the first:   I do not recall my game freezing up until I started playing on-line multiplayer.   I also obtained a headset later but I do not know if it has anything to do with it.  My theory being that I am asking the console to do more and it heats up causing game freeze.   That is why lately I try to keep the console as cool as I can and reduce playing time.  I am thinking restoring the files after saving game data.   I am also going to replace the thermo compound.  Maybe also muting all players except the host in order to keep the load as light as possible.  
  2. So with a hacked console, someone would be able to use an enhanced performance and your counterparts will not be the wiser?  I am reading this as it is possible.
  3. lmntr

    f1 2013 spa time trials

    I should add that it is not visible on the internet through racenet.codemasters.com but it is visible when connecting with your ps3 console. 
  4. I am confused.  Is this a mod that allows pad players to further  improve their game and be able to race even better against wheel players?  What platform is this for?  Is this something that can be used without other players being aware?  Please bear with me I am still learning about the game.  
  5. lmntr

    steering wheel controls F1 2014

    Did you find out yet?   Try adjusting the linearity a little less than a 100 percent at intervals and fine tune.  Or you can play with saturation the same.   I usually run 0 saturation and 100 linearity.  At least, that is what works for me with my DFGT.
  6. I can understand how a player might want to make the game as realistic as possible.  I have a DFGT and set my wheel to what feels more realistic to me also.  Never reducing the maximum angle and having what I feel is more of a linear feel to steering input.  
  7. lmntr

    [PS3] no aids clean racers group

    lmntr,  f1 2013, f1 2014
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    Do you mean real players on line?  Then join a league, it is as real as it gets along with all the drama.
  9. lmntr

    1hour practice in Career mode ?!

    Usually I do all my dry and wet practice in the time trails section until I am satisfied.  At the same time this will automatically record your fastest lap.   Then when I get to the practice in the carreer mode, I do some laps to freshen up and accelerate the time to about 5 minutes left and decide if it is a good time to change engines or just accelerate tothe end to finish the session.   Then of course, do the qualifying and race.
  10. lmntr

    parc ferme rules

    What penalty do you incur if you change something else besides the front wing,  say.... to accommodate a wet weather race?  Has anyone actually done this?
  11. Why would you want to drive F1 with more than 200 degrees of rotation?
  12. lmntr

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    You can hold him back leave them back almost lapped as you say above but the problem is compounded because this person appears to have excellent pace and will try to catch back to you.  Besides, he does not care if he gets lapped.  I have watched the map and seen him waiting for the front runners by a turn so that he can take them out.   I wonder if I can say how many characters in his id and maybe the first two and last two carachters.  Is that allowed?
  13. lmntr

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    I can' play the video for some reason.  I have a Mac if it helps.  Anyway, I also know of someone who specifically enters a session after qualifying has already started and then enter the race from the back and begins causing havoc among participants.  I am not sure what to do when I encounter this.   Playing along side him will impatct my game also.  What else do you recommend doing besides antagonizing them during the game?
  14. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    I read somewhere that if you start your profile in the game with a pad and then later change to a wheel, you will retain the always traction control and always steering assist no matter if the game hosted is with no assist.   Some people might not even know they have it and think they are all that.   On the other hand some people know this and set their profile this way deliberatly.  So everyone, test yourself, see if you can do donuts with no assists.
  15. lmntr

    ghost car process

    Never mind, nobody answered.  I just watched a video from a fellow competitor and he is hit from behind, turned 180 degrees facing backwards and saw another competitor go through him.   I guess the game does do ghost cars when speed differential is great.  Trouble is if someone gets it wrong, they will destroy their cars or do damage.
  16. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    Seriously, if you start the league with no assists, you should not be able to do donuts with a pad.  Is this correct?  I think this might also find those that have a pad-profiled wheel.  
  17. lmntr

    parc ferme rules

    Do you start last on grid if you change anything?  
  18. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    Hey, maybe we can go on track and show we can do a "donut".  Have someone expectate and watch everyone do it.
  19. lmntr

    Advance setup unavailable

    When you step into the cockpit, you will get three choices:  tires, monitor and engineer.  select the monitor then select the asterik looking icon ( all the way left ) and you will find the advanced set up there.
  20. lmntr

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    What about penalties for exceeding track limits?  Have you followed someone and seeing them constantly exceed the track?
  21. Figures, I am a newbie!   I imagine you would just start last in the order entered.  Thanks.
  22. lmntr

    difference across platforms

    Are PC players able to play with either ps3 or xbox players?  Do not pc players have access to files?
  23. lmntr

    playstation 3 game data transfer

    I got my new ps3 console and went about to do the transfer.  One thing I recommend before doing, which I found out after several attempts is to first update the operating system,  then plug in the game and of course it will find there is an update for the game, so do the game update, and then when you go to sign in to the network, it might also find it needs some kind of update which was I also did.  Only after all this is done, copy your files using the save data utility.  The problem I encountered was I copied the files first but the game would not accept the files at first because "they were from another user".  So I ended up doing the above updates first.  I also named my user Id the same as in the previous console but I do not know if it made a difference.  Any way, it is working fine now.  Hope it helps someone.
  24. Hello, I have been trying to open the PSORC website today but it does not connect.  I wanted to check on my sign up information.
  25. lmntr

    F1 2014 PS3 League for wheel users only

    It would be nice if you start a league with no assist, otherwise what is the sense of getting a wheel set.