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  1. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    @BarryBL Good Afternoon This weekend's GP in Brazil is being the stage to test a new blue flag system in order to help current rules. In addition to the blue flag warnings, there is information about the pilot to whom the warning applies. According to Motorsport.com, the FIA will show the driver number to which the blue flag applies. This information will be displayed as a digital blue light. Thus, it is expected that there will be no confusion about the target pilot of the blue flag warning, increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Currently, pilots are notified that they are about to receive a blue flag and blue lights on the light panels of the track and also in the cockpit. These alerts are activated when pilots who have received a lap from the leader 1.2s away. https://www.autoracing.pt/f1-testa-novidade-nos-avisos-bandeira-azul-no-brasil/
  2. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    @GioProductions thanks for helping me because i really want this in the game
  3. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    Hello, thank you very much for your attention. I hope it's in the game, because I like the realism. I take the opportunity to ask if the team can also implement raindrops in the sectors of the tracks, as shown in the image below. thank you
  4. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    @RedDevilKT @Hoo @Hargers @jennyannem good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the LED panels with the pilot number is missing. please could you help I'm requesting this and no one answers me.
  5. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

  6. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    @Faya good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the LED panels with the pilot number is missing. please could you help I'm requesting this and no one answers me.
  7. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    Yes according to the picture below. this could be implemented in game 2019
  8. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag

    more can be the official numbers of the pilots or if we choose our numbers
  9. Willian Paganini

    Blue flag distance way to much like 5sec behind

    good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the game's LED panels with the pilot number is missing. since F1 2018 in real life there is this rule
  10. Willian Paganini

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    @jennyannem boa tarde Você poderia encaminhar o pedido de bandeiras vermelhas e azuis no jogo? bandeiras vermelhas em acidentes graves e bandeiras azuis na classificação e corrida com nossos números nos painéis de led como exemplo abaixo
  11. Willian Paganini

    All of the lights are on in any track during the day! [ZX]

    Codemasters 1,094 1,217 posts Report post Posted 1 hour ago Hi all, Patch 1.08 is now live on Steam and PS4 and should be live on Xbox One shortly. Please see the patch notes below to see what’s been updated in this patch. F1 2019 Car model and Livery Updates Various livery and sponsor logos updated Updated Ferrari engine cover and front wing endplate. Updated livery, including the 90 Years logos Updated McLaren engine cover and front wing endplate Updated Racing Point nosecone, mirrors and bargeboard Updated Renault side impact structure vane Updated Alfa Romeo sidepod air intake AINDA NÃO.
  12. Willian Paganini

    All of the lights are on in any track during the day! [ZX]

    Liga dificuldade AI agora sobe para 110 Os carros F2 não começarão mais corridas de velocidade ou de um tiro se qualificando com pneus frios Configurações de F1 não podem mais ser aplicadas a carros F2 As penalidades de grade agora se aplicam corretamente depois de retirar novas partes - com a alocação inicial entre qualificação e corrida França pitlane foi atualizado para a temporada de 2019 Carros agora são menos cautelosos com lançamentos inseguros no pitlane Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) e AMD FidelityFX Upscaling e FidelityFX Sharpening agora estão disponíveis como opções de anti-aliasing em dispositivos aplicáveis HDR agora pode ser selecionado ao rodar no DX12 no PC Códigos de relatório agora são mostrados no menu de pausa em todos os modos de jogo Parou os jogadores no Xbox One de serem capazes de convidar para sessões classificadas usando o Chat de Festa Uso reduzido de GPU no front end Pneus molhados F2 agora terão uma vida mais longa Helicópteros não estão mais voando a velocidades maiores Várias outras correções e melhorias de estabilidade NOT YET.
  13. Willian Paganini

    Patch 1.07

  14. Willian Paganini

    All of the lights are on in any track during the day! [ZX]

    Grosjean Ignores Blue, Still Fighting, Whiting Fumes Sri Hari September 17, 2018 Romain Grosjean forgetting the blue flag rule at the Singapore Grand Prix is "one of the worst cases" he has ever seen, says Formula 1 director Charlie Whiting. The Haas rider received a five-second penalty and two points in his license for ignoring the blue flags beckoned to make way for race leaders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Ignoring the blue flag, Grosjean engaged in a wheel-by-wheel contest with Sergey Sirotkin. After passing the Williams car, he let Hamilton and Verstappen pass. Whiting said: "Romain just completely forgot the golden rule of blue flags", “And that is if you are in a battle you have to forget your own battle and move on. “I did that many times, and I think he completely forgot. “He was so determined in his battle with Sirotkin that he just - the light panels were flashing with his race number on them - and Lewis was much, much faster. "It was probably one of the worst cases of ignoring blue flags I've seen for a long time." Post-race, the Frenchman apologized and admitted that he was too involved in his fight to notice the blue flags. "I'm sorry if I blocked someone, it was not my intention," said the Frenchman. “I believe I did my best. I was fighting with Sergey, who was playing some kart racing out there. “I could not slow down. Pierre [Gasly] was in my gearbox and Sergey was on my front wing. "So I passed him, so as soon as I passed him, I let Lewis pass." The Haas driver is just three points from the race ban. The Russian, Japanese, American and Mexican Grand Prix will take place before some of their current points are canceled