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  1. @BarryBL with the game completion process, you can tell me if the development team will put the option of blue flags with the car number on the led panels. this rule that was implemented in 2018 and two years later is still not in F1 2020. Please, does the development team have the answers if there will be yes or no? I ask why, in racing fans, we want a realistic game. and in the game, we have the option to choose the car number, which facilitates the analysis of incidents in virtual championships since each player will have their car number. Thank you
  2. @BiohazardBGR races in abu dhabi, bahrain and singapore during the day the circuit lights are still on at f1 2020
  3. @RedDevilKT Can you implement this color change at the hotel yas viceroy f1 2020 ? Another observation is that the circuit lights are on during the day. must be turned on during sunset
  4. @Falstojudilofa good afternoon, i already asked codemasters to implement the car number on the led panels with blue flags according to the implemented rule of 2018
  5. @BarryBL good night, watching the Tiametmarduk game on youtube, he made a race on the Hanoi circuit in 100% laps. in the 12:15 minute of the video, he tries to overtake the russel pilot. The blue flags are shown on the led panels, but without the pilot number. then, at minute 14:00, he overtakes the pilot gasly also shows the blue flag on the led without the pilot's number. Video Below.
  6. @BarryBL Good Afternoon This weekend's GP in Brazil is being the stage to test a new blue flag system in order to help current rules. In addition to the blue flag warnings, there is information about the pilot to whom the warning applies. According to Motorsport.com, the FIA will show the driver number to which the blue flag applies. This information will be displayed as a digital blue light. Thus, it is expected that there will be no confusion about the target pilot of the blue flag warning, increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Currently, pilots are notified that th
  7. @GioProductions thanks for helping me because i really want this in the game
  8. Hello, thank you very much for your attention. I hope it's in the game, because I like the realism. I take the opportunity to ask if the team can also implement raindrops in the sectors of the tracks, as shown in the image below. thank you
  9. @RedDevilKT @Hoo @Hargers @jennyannem good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the LED panels with the pilot number is missing. please could you help I'm requesting this and no one answers me.
  10. @Faya good afternoon The implementation of blue flags on the LED panels with the pilot number is missing. please could you help I'm requesting this and no one answers me.
  11. Yes according to the picture below. this could be implemented in game 2019
  12. more can be the official numbers of the pilots or if we choose our numbers
  13. Codemasters 1,094 1,217 posts Report post Posted 1 hour ago Hi all, Patch 1.08 is now live on Steam and PS4 and should be live on Xbox One shortly. Please see the patch notes below to see what’s been updated in this patch. F1 2019 Car model and Livery Updates Various livery and sponsor logos updated Updated Ferrari engine cover and front wing endplate. Updated livery, i
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