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  1. xOAT86

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    So, I have only played career so far. I unlocked and completed the first Grid Series (Grand Slam). Overall the game is miles better than Grid 2 because of the driving physics, but not quite the polished Grid 1 quality. What I like Driving physics are more realistic than Grid 2 Recently I turned off all HUD components and just rely on asking the race engineer what my position is, race status, etc. Everyone should try a race or two like this. It is really enjoyable to interact with the game in another way. I can focus on the track and my car, instead of staring at the clock, track map, etc.Dislike: However when racing this way, using the in car view would be optimal. Without working mirrors, I am forced to use third person view so I can see around the car.Camera shake level setting. I like mine at 30%. Race length multiplier option. What I dislike Too many cars have hard to manage over-steer. When using a controller, it is easy to flick the joystick and produce over-steer. I had a tough time using the Aston Martin N24 V12 ZAGATO in the EBC brakes endurance championship. At the end of the standard 8 min race, the rear tires were down to 5% and was struggling to keep it on track. Awful to drive. I understand some cars should/have more than others, but I thought it was a little extreme. AI is too aggressive and don't react to player collisions. Many occasions they have ran me off the road and crash into me in order to stick to the racing line. More importantly when I rear end a guy going fast, they should be launched forward, but instead I grind to a halt. As mentioned above, non working in car view mirrors. I don't mind the blurred cockpit, but give us working mirrors.Minor dislike: Menu system is boring and somewhat annoying to navigate.Possible Bug / config issue: Audio sound is played during qualifying without displaying the time. To replicate, set all of the HUD components OFF in the gameplay settings, but leave the "Entire HUD" option ON in the difficulty settings. What you get is the equivalent to entire HUD off but no XP bonus and the audio clip playing without a displayed time.
  2. xOAT86

    Ride height adjustment

    At the start of a race there's the tuning option and you can adjust it there. But it's only available on some cars.