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  1. Hoondog

    Daily challenge rewards not received.

    Can a moderator answer for us as to why this has happened2 days in a row?
  2. Same here, Xbox One player. ūü§§
  3. Hoondog

    Daily challenge rewards not received.

    Hi, I thought I was the only one who didn't get the daily rewards either. I wonder what's going on? Can you help Codies? I always play the daily, weekly and most monthly challenges but today when I logged on I had no prizes from yesterday's challenges. Help
  4. Definitely Finland! Go for the new WRC rally locations Turkey and Chile. I'd love to see current WRC cars added and historic Mazda rx3 and rx7. Early 1990s cars mitsi evo, Subaru legacy, Ford escort Toyota Celica. My two cents
  5. Hoondog

    where is the scoobie do ? not received

    I got the focus in my garage but had to go buy the subie from the 'purchase cars'
  6. Career Mode++++ Corolla, Celica and Yaris. VW Polo The Safari Rally and definitely Finland.