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  1. Too much wallriders in top 10. ..so i used too...2:12,9...sry to all clean drivers on ps3
  2. My name is do-u-lik3-it...2:13,9 clean for now
  3. 2:15,8 is average time...u dont need ride  a wall for for time faster about 2 second...on youtube is few fast videos with 1:13,xx...im sure u find mistakes very fast))
  4. Nobody platinum in endurance yet?24268m maximum on ps3 for now
  5. Platinum in endurance challenge this week is really 'very hard'...
  6. Gut luck....now anarchy is starting...whois next admin lol?
  7. Ahahaha this guy think he is fast ?u won few races that all...trust me...u are far far away from top players of GAS))
  8. Wtf is control a member of team?u can still play with nwr team and fight or be king in session with slow noobs...i remember races nwr vs tsr vs otrao. ...crashes normal and everybody was excelent driver...no crying 2 months  after race...max 1-2 days))
  9. Small hit isnt crashing...normal in race...crashing is hit in full speed in first corner without brakes lol...dont forget that in 3 laps no many chances so u must push ur best))mistakes are normal))
  10. I had many races with nwr team in grid and i cant  say they are crashers. ..maybe u brake too early;)
  11. Settings for skyline:-80 -80 -30 -100 80 80...for gut driver 1:56...gut luck) 
  12. True or not....i can agree with flowa....in grid 1 i was faster on pc in some categories with cheap wheel like on xbox with fanatec...better handling...i DONT know how in GAS
  13. COOL...I DONT like super lightweight but tracks are ok...gut luck guys ;)
  14. I dont need prizes but its unfair against rest of world that no chance for prizes. ..prizes for nationality. ..no for times..
  15. Im no so gut online racing...i prefer time trials...everyone have chance;)
  16. 2:07,863 with slow first sektor and without wall riding...2:07,3 possible for me with luck))
  17. Sport circuit after 15min with nissan 1:30,649...1:29 possible..i like handbrake here;)
  18. Fair driver let u go to the front if it is safe...idiot will be drive as idiot...i prefer coll off racing...coll on max 4-5 drivers...
  19. I think if its just mistake it can be accepted...
  20. Ohhhh. ...my mistake. ...i was talking about other track lmao. ..BH GP....again sry
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