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  1. Third video is blocked by FOM, fourth video's time stamp (if on mobile, or if not working correctly) is 54:20
  2. Sabba7h

    What F1 2020 desperately needs

    This. Exactly this. I think there are four of us in here (Including myself and Illicit) who raced in the same league together recently. Everything he's said here is, on top of some residual teeth-grinding bugs, why F1 and ONLY F1 has lost nearly all its popularity with us. And it's not like this is limited to just multiplayer either. I'm playing career mode right now and I can assure you this would make the experience better tenfold. Also, as a beta tester for the last two games, I want to point out that nothing has frustrated me more than seeing some people on the forums here attack us for quote on quote "letting Codemasters release such an unfinished game". I will admit that I wasn't as active as I could have been this past year due to personal reasons, however that doesn't in the slightest justify what they said against any of the work other beta testers were able to do. I'm going to leave it at that. Figure out what I mean. To go back to Illicit's post I'm not expecting 2020 to even make some kind of progress in this direction - if the release schedule is anything like 2019's, it's too late into the development cycle for this to happen. I would however like to see 2021 make some strides towards this. As Marcel said, it would be the base of a perfect game if they can get this right.