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  1. ladygagafan

    2014 OT awards show- votings

    Most missed member: KamikazeKobayashi and ForceIndia
  2. Agreed, people complain like on F1 2012 about some apparent under-steer which was not even there. Just got to rock me like a wagonwheel and I am sure Steve and the team have a done job,
  3. This is what I use, very effective 
  4. ladygagafan

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    I hope I get F1 2014 before Ebola comes to the UK and kills us all. Even if I get to do a three lap race with Adrian Sutil before I am affected by the virus.... I will be very greatful. 
  5. ladygagafan

    F1 2014 patch?

    Sounds impressive, good job CM. 
  6. ladygagafan

    Race Start Pad vs. Wheel

    On F1 2013, my starts were significantly better when I used a HDMI cable in comparison to when I ran without it (which I do most of the time) as the handling is completely different
  7. ladygagafan

    In-Game Brake Bias

    Agreed Robert, you understand completely. 
  8. Unlimited, so I can do every corner inch perfectly every lap.
  9. ladygagafan

    which if your favourite f1 game?

    F1 2009 me, plenty of grip and the rear wing could be damaged.
  10. ladygagafan

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    Cannot wait, seen a lot of footage from the F1 community on Youtube. Hope the cars are very challenging.
  11. ladygagafan

    F1 2014 NO NEW HELMETS!!!!!!!!!!

    How hard can it be to add half a dozen new helmets, it's not that important but would have been nice.
  12. ladygagafan

    Steering wheel in F1 2014

    Let's be honest, who cares really. There are bigger things to be concerned about such as the sound, handling of the cars, equal cars online (which they always get wrong) penalty system. 
  13. A fantastic site with fantastic drivers. Make sure you sign up. 
  14. ladygagafan

    Nelly Furtado satisfied with F1 2014 announcement.

    I completely agree with Nelly. I cannot wait!