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  1. antivebeacon

    MyTeam Legends

    I was more thinking a season based sort of thing with friends because I'd love my team to race my friends' team in a season as well. And then legend drivers who cost in game money.
  2. antivebeacon

    MyTeam Legends

    MyTeam is a perfect foundation to move forward to more exciting and engaging gameplay on the F1 games. Would it be possible moving forward in new games to add an online system to MyTeam and I think more importantly a wider driver base and the inclusion of "legend" drivers e.g. Schumacher, Button, Prost, Alonso, etc. This creates a more engaging and fun experience and would personally love to see this maybe in 2021, thoughts?
  3. antivebeacon

    F1 2020 Bahrain Oval

    I appreciate that it is a massive undertaking to add tracks to the game (hence why people obviously wont expect Mugello, Imola, etc. If we do race there), however, the Bahrain oval is surely a possible mid-game DLC/update as around 3/4 of the track is already in the game and the track itself would suit the game perfectly, especially for league racing. We already have Bahrain-short so why not Bahrain-oval?