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  1. CarlosS74

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    Price is ok. I like the game and if it helps to keep the game alive in case of support, Patches, additinal and even reused converted content its ok. Its not Fifa or Fortnite or other Megablaster with so much players. Its clear that a complex game and DLC cant be cheap. I prefer to get a sim with development potential and quality in the end wit as muchvrealism as possible. Its ok to pay the price for that. Compared to that. I play also IL2 Sturmovik. Its a WW2 Flight Simulation. There are also not so much players. If a new DLC is released its more expensive ( >60$) but its ok for the fans. At the end calculate spent Euros/Dollars per hours or days of usage Played 300 hours Dirt 2.0 . Playing around 4 to 5 days a week. Price ? Guess, its cheap for me what I got and Im still playing. Beginning is the same like the end of the calculatiion. Price is ok.
  2. Lets wait for qualification. I wish Eagleizer good run for qualification. Based what Ive seen on youtube and leaderboards may you can make it into the next round.
  3. Im not Top 100, but my opinion. To be fair I think same difficulty for everyone. Assists should be fixed. Not setup. Fixed assists means, no assists to see who are the most talented ones. Have a look to Fifa eSports. Contenders have their own Team and own tactics they can use and have even the possibillity to change in a running session. Setups are elemental keyfactors in motorsports. Fixed setups and allowed assists contradict the compettion in my eyes. Just my opinion.
  4. CarlosS74

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    My point of view. Track should be fixed. Cuts should be removed by placing obstacles and/or penalties. Shift Qualification. To drive with this cutting feels not ok. I cant belive that this extreme cutting is possible. I dont want to cut. Please fix it.
  5. Same here, no rewards today. PC.
  6. Group B Manta sound seems still not correct for me. It sounds actual not intense and infernal enough to me. A 2,4 Liter Weber Caburetor Engine , I would think, should sound like Manta in Dirt Rally 1 or am I wrong?
  7. CarlosS74

    How Far Away Is Realistic Audio?

    Cant find that in the release notes of 1.3.
  8. CarlosS74

    How Far Away Is Realistic Audio?

    For that message I was waiting. You saved my day.
  9. CarlosS74

    Add Statistics to users page

    Just like it is implemented for Dirt Rally. Crest is also great.
  10. CarlosS74

    Party play

    Its called hotseat. A lot of people miss that. Was also complained in other Dirt titles. It was Greta in the old colin McRae Games. Battle against friends as a party.
  11. CarlosS74

    Manta 400 Sound correction?

    Compared to Dirt Rally 1 the sound of the Manta seems to be flat and less infernal in Dirt 2.0. In the Steam community board the opinion came up that it sounds more like the 2,0 litre engine and not like the 2,4 litre one. Is the DR2 ingame sound of Manta actually the right one? Is there also a sound update planned for the Manta 400 like for the M1 ?