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  1. CarlosS74

    Mix Cars and Classes for Clubs

    Thats a pitty. Liked it a lot in the past to challenge friends with Group B Rwd against Group B AWD on tarmac in Dirt 1.
  2. CarlosS74

    Mix Cars and Classes for Clubs

    Hello, is there a way to build Club championchips with mixed car classes, like Group B RWD and AWD together. So more cars can compete like it was in real life. Also for othervgroups and cars. Eg Lancer Group A vs Subaru Impreza S4 2000's Or select just different cars like it was possible in Dirt Rally 1 clubs before. It would help to close the gap between fast and not so fast drivers in Clubs of friends.
  3. CarlosS74

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Thank you for keeping Dirt 2.0 still alive and create the great additional content. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  4. CarlosS74

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    My point of view. Track should be fixed. Cuts should be removed by placing obstacles and/or penalties. Shift Qualification. To drive with this cutting feels not ok. I cant belive that this extreme cutting is possible. I dont want to cut. Please fix it.