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  1. Dear all, There is a huge amount of liveries available. It would like to use some. But Im afraid to use them, because I may get punished by anti Cheat measures. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/61467-dirt-rally-20-anti-cheat-measures/ Here is the Info to have also a look for 3rd Party liveries . How can I be sure that a 3rd Party livery is save and has no consequence? Is there somerhing i can check myself, or do I have to ask the creator of a livery. And how save would be an answer of a creator? How high is the risk? Is there really a risk and what is the consequence when the cheat detector will detect me based on a livery? I have deleted all of the 3rd party custom liveries out of the game folders and use only the original ones. I fully support anti cheat measures and acceot that its not allowed to use custom liveries. But is it really so hard and risky?
  2. CarlosS74

    DR 2.0 Anti Cheat....

    May you can have a look to profiles of the the players. I do so on Steam. Some Profiles are informative. A lot of fast players have more than 1000hours played the game. A lot of them are really fast. Some other you can also find in the daily, weekly and monthly challenges. The Top 100 are also very fast. Dont be surprised if you may meet someone in an open session from that boards. If I find someone online in open races who has similar speed, than I , I try to invite them as friend. Sometimes its accepted and sometimes I can race again with them together. Free Time Trials leaderboards. I dont now. Its possible for me to hit some top 100 sometimes even top 50 Times. But could also be top 1000 ore more worse on some tracks ( Dailies best was Top 10 in comparison to that). Some times in freeride look for me that they are not from this world. Also seen some strange ghosts in the past.( Playing since launch of the game). But thats just suspicion, i dont want to falesly accuse somebody. The dailies, and weeklies look more realistic to me. I hope you get the cheaters, if there are some. One question to PJTierney: When a cheater is convicted, will there be the leaderboard entries of the time trials corrected/The cheater entries deleted?
  3. CarlosS74

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Oh, please,please release this great MK2 liveries in different colors from SRD. I have deleted all customized liveries in the game in case of the Valve Anti Cheat activation by codemasters. Please, please.
  4. CarlosS74

    Mix Cars and Classes for Clubs

    Thats a pitty. Liked it a lot in the past to challenge friends with Group B Rwd against Group B AWD on tarmac in Dirt 1.
  5. CarlosS74

    Mix Cars and Classes for Clubs

    Hello, is there a way to build Club championchips with mixed car classes, like Group B RWD and AWD together. So more cars can compete like it was in real life. Also for othervgroups and cars. Eg Lancer Group A vs Subaru Impreza S4 2000's Or select just different cars like it was possible in Dirt Rally 1 clubs before. It would help to close the gap between fast and not so fast drivers in Clubs of friends.
  6. CarlosS74

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Thank you for keeping Dirt 2.0 still alive and create the great additional content. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!