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  1. Byrne

    fed up of moaning

    @RTAnoskills- ever since I've started playing this series I've come across very few bids, the most I think I had was on f1 2010 where I'd get frozen queuing for a pit stop and also putting on Old tyres. Since 2011 I might get the odd invisible wall off circuit but that's it and I've never had any save gave corruption bugs. @RobMUFC1987- I don't believe I could start career with any team i want or drive V6 turbo cars in f1 2013 judging a book by its cover is one thing but judging a book before you've even seen the cover (I.e played the game) is just plain stupid
  2. Byrne

    fed up of moaning

    Perhaps I'm in a small minority but I'm actually looking forward to f1 2014. I will not and cannot afford the prices that Sony and Microsoft want for the ps4/xbox 1. Therefore f1 2014 will be the last iteration of the series that I can buy. I refuse to spend hundreds of pounds on a console that is not backwards compatible. of course I am aware that f1 2014 is effectively a stop gap game but is that necessarily a bad thing. As long as the cars handle well and it's feels as well as f1 2013 ( yes I do think that it is one of the better games CM have produced) then I'm a happy man. anyway rant over
  3. Byrne

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    Sorry, got my information a little wrong "The change may be in anticipation of the possible return of World Superbikes to Monza in 2015, with safety officers from the series recently meeting track officials and raising concerns about the lack of run-off areas" source:-http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/motorsport/story/170703.html
  4. Byrne

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    Actually I believe it was done at the request of the FIM as Monza has the contract for motogp this year