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  1. Ankiboy

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Good job @2Technical, i use almost all of your setup's. thanks
  2. Ankiboy

    T300 problem persist

    i Have a T300 Rs and a PS4 Pro and don't have any problem with that
  3. Ankiboy

    T80 Club

    Hello I created a club for T80 Wheel users... is not the best wheel i know, but i like to compare to ppl that use the same wheel, so if you have that wheel fell free to join. Club Name: T80 Club Thnks
  4. Any news on this Adapltable trophy glicth? i can't complete 100% because of this on PS4... I have all trophies of Dirt games and Grid... this one is frustating me
  5. Ankiboy

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    oh, i didn't know that, thanks bro
  6. Ankiboy


    Havy Rain is the worse... especially at night PS: i made a video to show Drive CLub rain effect is simply the best effect ever made for a driving game:
  7. Ankiboy

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    Hello... i'm having trouble too on PS4 to get the adaptable trophie... any advice? i am 100% sure that i have complete a stage in Dry, Overcast, Rain and Wet conditions... And the Fire Up That Car is gona make that a loot of us don't get this trophie... perhaps we need to made a post to all the Best Drivers down there to not play that Daily races with the audi, or the ones that got the trophie already?