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  1. The Mk2 is a definite improvement in DR 2.0. It’s my favourite car to drive in the game by far. I always got the impression in the previous Dirt games that the Escort was a ‘modern’ spec escort - using a sequential box and modern suspension etc. I would love to see some of the more iconic liveries in the game - clarks 1977 express Escort. Mikkolas Eaton Yale, the Rothman escorts or Vatanen’s black beauty she’ll Escort.
  2. The irony of someone who wants flashbacks labelling other people morons……
  3. I have an easy fix for you play. Play Dirt 5 instead of Dirt Rally
  4. Its a sim - flashbacks dilute the experience imo. I used to crash a lot and still crash on times, but thats the nature of the game.
  5. Because Mitsubishi continued with the Grp A regulations rather than the WRC regulations which came into effect in 1997, this was to keep the connection from the rally cars to the roads as relevant as possible. Subaru switched to the WRC regulations. Also its an S5 WRC not a 22b. The 22b is a road car with looks inspired from the S5. The 2000cc class is basically WRC from 1997 - 2010.
  6. How about a ‘Service Budget’ option for clubs? So each competitor has a budget restriction alongside a time restriction in service set by the club organiser. New parts, or part worn parts could be used to save money and things like tyres also eat into budget. Slower cars in each class could have cheaper parts to even up the class. On endurance events this could reward competitors who drive cleanly without taking big risks etc. If you spend all of your budget repairing your car in service 1 then you’d need to keep an eye your driving for the rest of the event.
  7. I would like to take it a step further and have a icon for who is running a full hbox and clutch. I’m not the fastest driver by any means but when we run club championships in our Historic Sim club, I know I’m not going to beat someone who is running a sequential gearbox but am interested in racing against others who are running full clutch.
  8. Being an absolute rally fanatic DR & DR 2.0 have nailed most things I’ve ever wanted in a rally game. I’d say generally keep things up codies! However if if I was dreaming the things I’d like to see in DR3.0:- improved asphalt physics improved pace notes more WRC cars from the late 90s / early 2000s - Octavia, Cordoba etc. more Group A, evo 3, (evo 5 or this could go above) sunny gti-r Mazda 323. more f2 - especially the Megane. An Irish tarmac event or the Manx. another welsh stage - Gartheiniog or Dyfi More online clubs custom options. Being able t
  9. I agree to a point. When I first read the location list for DR2.0 and seen New England I thought ‘here we go again’ and the GT cars which are clearly aimed at the US market (except for the bonafide Porsche and Aston). But I can remember driving Hancock Hill forward for the first time and it hitting me what a fantastic stage it was. A great flowing stage with everything in it, fast sections, ‘yumpy’ sections and technical sections. NE in general reminds of the Forrest of Dean in Wales which is quite close to where I’m from.
  10. More cars! More F2, the Megane being my favourite. I know Toyota are very picky with their license, but the St185 Celica and Corolla WRC please! Also the Escort WRC, Octavia WRC, Accent WRC and Cordoba WRC. A new Welsh stage - Gartheniog or Dyfi would be a great stage imo. Improved Pace notes. A new asphalt event, Manx, Ireland or a mixed surface event like classic San Remo.
  11. Have the developers at codies seen the amount of erallies ongoing at the minute? Many UK national rallies are running erallies in place of their actual events The Malcolm Wilson rally being the latest to run an event. Would be great if Codies allowed clubs to select any car from any class so each rally could have loads of different classes running in one event.
  12. In terms of sales has the game been a success for codies? I hope the time and effort has been rewarded, all of us enthusiasts certainly know how good a game it is.
  13. Something about Rally Cars and the subaru Impreza Wrc 97-98
  14. Colin Mcrae/Dirt rally series voted as one of the top 3 gaming series on the BBC sport website alongside Championship Manager and Fifa. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/52446140
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