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  1. fireglow

    PS4 Store - DLC weird pricing

    I really hope they do, current amount of DLC and all does make very little sense. Guess I'll wait the launch of Colin pack and GOTY edition and see what happens.
  2. Hi there, As an Digital Deluxe Edition buyer I'm wondering the current DLC pricing on PS4 Store (EU): Why's it cheaper to buy content (S1, S2) that I already own vs buying the content that I need? Year One Pass includes the same content as DCP 1 & 2? E: IMO Deluxe Edition buyers should have an option to upgrade to Super Deluxe Edition. E2: Well it seems that the Steam pricing is as confusing and weird as well: Base game 14€ Super Deluxe: 28€ Deluxe CP 2.0: 8€ (CP 1.0 non existent?) Year One pass: 20€ (thou this is not listed anywhere than under the CP 2.0 store page) The Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 price should be somewhere near the Steam price on PS4 too. Seems like the Codies themselves have gotten a little bit confused with the pricing and the amount of all the dlc?