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  1. Last time I checked it was mutually beneficial for the Codemasters devs to have third party app developers testing and consuming updates to the UDP data during beta? We have found and reported many bugs in the data for all the betas I've been involved in since 2017. Bugs remain in the data usually due to lack of time and resources for them to be fixed not due to lack of reporting. Also the developers community includes users of our apps many of whom expect our apps to be ready and working with the games release on day 1. This isn't going to happen if we don't get early access to the s
  2. Yes, quite a few routers will block ports or Broadcasting by default for security reasons. Up to the user to manually port forward or enable settings in the router.
  3. The in game wheel displays how many laps of fuel not kg.
  4. I can't remember if the game lets you change the display units for fuel in game but are you aware that m_fuelInTank is in kilograms not litres?
  5. Belated report for: DashPanel Update 1.6.5 Support Truck simulators with many new widgets. Support spectator mode and wheel slip in F1 2018, 19, 20. F1 2020 hide suggested gear when zero. All gauges now have bar mode. Ensure network permissions dialog triggered on iOS 14 when using console connect mode.
  6. @Hoo Sorry I have looked over this thread but I can't follow what we are up to with various patches and different platforms. Have had a couple patches on my PC and suggested gear is still zero. Is this now a problem on my end or has a fix not yet been released? Just need to know if I need to fix something. Thanks.
  7. No rush I just thought I'd notify ASAP in case it was unintended.
  8. @Hoo After the last update the Lap data packet is now 1190 bytes throwing the current struct out.
  9. I have had quite a few requests for the suggested gear. Any chance this could be added?
  10. While its true there are many ways to do this I would gladly just have the data that is already in the game. You guys have obviously solved some of these questions as there is a delta in game and now live gaps in the scoring totem top left. I'd be happy just to have that data passed onto the telemetry. Isn't that a case of just copying the internal values to the telemetry packet?
  11. It would be great if the LapData struct included a time gap to the car ahead. All we need is the gap to car ahead as obviously the gap to car behind is the car ahead gap of the next position down. Also if we want to show the gap to the leader we can simply add up all the gaps ahead. We also already have the current lap number so can calculate if a car is a lap down. So we could replicate the leaderboard with time gaps with just one extra float per driver in the struct.
  12. DashPanel Update -Client 1.6.0 In app dashboard sharing with mod.io pCars 2 UDP reader added Map for pCars 1/2 UDP New damage widgets for R3E, pCars, F1 2017-19 ACC/R3E/iRacing now supports TC and ABS widget Fuel To Finish widget ARB for iRacing Add wheelslip options to Warning Light Add TargetTyre for Tyre widgets Set default dashboard option Step mode, min/max settings added to solid bar widgets SLI F1 widget and dashboard Seg7 bold italic font Launch on Start-up option -Server Correctly offset brake bias for all ACC cars Map for ACC Launch
  13. DashPanel 1.5.10 Update -Add support for Forza (FM7, FH4) -Experimental wheel slip warning lights in Dash Display Omega -New Boost gauge options Units and Separator -Add FromSim RPM light mode for F1 games -Fix Ignore global not working for DRS and PTP -Add Precision option to Fuel and LowFuelDecimal option -Alpha support for Truck Sims (RPM, Speed, Gear) -pCars 1/2 now supports Energy Total -Differential widget for F1 2018-19 -Fix for lines not drawing in VR -Fix for USBD480 not setting to correct resolution -Plugin updater fix for both 32 and 64 bit registry keys
  14. DashPanel 1.5.7 Update -Client Editor moved L(Layer) edit to Z in position edit to make it more intuitive. Editor now has separate return to full screen and exit button. Aspect ratio is now saved as part of layout allowing Dashboards to scale better when opened on devices with different resolutions. Updated all third party libraries and assets. Added privacy opt out button for Unity Analytics. Align with iOS version. -Server Fix session time in iRacing. DashPanel is now also available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/dashpanel/id1441894380?mt=8
  15. DashPanel 1.5.6 Update -ClientTrack map widget for AC, RF 1/2, AMS, R3E, pCars, F1 2017-18Inverted tyre wear optionTrack Name widgetFix compatibility filter in Add widget screenrF2 new widgets Track Wetness and RainAdded pCars UDP readerAdded Track Info layoutNew option Autoload default dashboard -ServerImproved R3E outlap detectionNew command VR Reset positionMapping dataImproved plugin updating
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