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  1. Yeah can’t lie, that PSVR announcement was a kick in the nuts haha. Was hoping there’d be some sort of news about them working on it but oh well. Fingers crossed it’ll happen eventually.
  2. On PS4, I’m having a problem with trying to use the paddle shifters on the T300 to change gear and a TH8A as the handbrake. The paddles register as L1 and R1 but so does the TH8A no matter where it’s plugged in. I didn’t have this problem in Dirt Rally 1 as the TH8A input was registered as ‘gear stick down’. An update to fix this would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I only use one account though so it doesn’t affect me but it’s still a shame for people like you who use more.
  4. Buying each DLC is always more expensive than buying the season pass though. That’s what i’m saying, i’ve already bought those other bits. Every other game i’ve seen with similar DLC has had the option to buy the season pass with and without the bonus bits (usually pre-order stuff) and it’s frustrating that i’m essentially having to pay for them again because they’re forced in with the season pass. I don’t want to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition when i’ve already got that content, I just want the season pass. It’s not a huge deal but it’s just annoying and has what’s kept me from buying it yet.
  5. Absolutely loving the game but why is there only a Deluxe Edition upgrade on the PlayStation Store? Can I not buy the Season Pass on it’s own? I pre ordered the game and already got the Porsche, car unlocks etc. so why am I having to pay for them again just to get the Season Pass?
  6. Please please put in a FOV slider for consoles. Some of us have proper rigs and it would be so nice to be able to lower the FOV. Surely having less stuff onscreen wouldn't negatively affect the frame rate?
  7. Has the FFB for Thrustmaster T300 on PS4 been fixed for Dirt 4? Will it ever be fixed for Dirt Rally?
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