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  1. Today I was suddenly able to start a stage again. But after aborting it, the game crashed to desktop with the following error: Access violation at address 0x53ec41f7 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0xc641f7. Is this a known bug?
  2. Hi all, DiRT Rally 2.0 causes my PC to reboot as soon as I start a stage. It happens either when the beep is heard that indicates that the stage has loaded, or at the moment I click on "Start" to start the actual race. Otherwise the game behaves normally, and I can also drive at Dirtfish without problems. A while ago, when I first tested the game briefly, I could still start a stage normally. The Windows event log does not give an explanation for the reboot. Can anyone help me? I'm using a GeForce 2070 with the latest driver and a Thrustmaster T150 wheel, but it also happens when the wheel is
  3. No, Hillclimb was a separate game mode in DR1. I never played career mode, so I'm not sure whether it was included there as well. But in DR 2.0, it's completely missing.
  4. No, it doesn't. Hill climb mode was part of DiRT Rally (1) only, not DiRT Rally 2.0.
  5. What I miss most in DR2 is the hill climb mode of DR1. I really hope it will return in DR3 with some new locations (unfortunately, Codemasters don't have the license for Pikes Peak anymore). Otherwise, I'd like all the DR2 locations to return without having to buy them all separately again ... Also, I'd like locations with sand tracks (Africa maybe?). I'd also like a livery editor as in DiRT 4 (preferably a bit more sophisticated). Also, the game should be more mod-friendly with user-made liveries actually appearing in the car selection menu. But most of all, I'd like DR3 t
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