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  1. Oi stop bang these guys on you try and do what they are doing and you try and make a engen that cost millions of  $$ CM kept up the good work and  keep your head down these kids are just impatient make it a game that will last years not 2 days 
  2. Ps. Codemasters your not perfect I forgive you and will always love what u make 
  3. I've being a long time fan of codemasters since I was a kid and what they have done lately was forge two different game for different developers into one bring back the old times with TOCA Grid make the career mode like IRL get a race career with a racing team they bay you money then you can make your own race team imploy people pit crew every one need to run a team sign contacts for money from sponsors for a time if they like how you perform they might offer a better contract or even give you a team paint job and you have to have money to pay every one in your career if you run out if money c
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