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  1. it really annoys me how in a landrush i have never been passed cleanly by the ai they just barge me out of the way and spin me out. in real life that wouldnt be allowed, also its like they weigh 10 times the amount because they dont pin when they ram you but you can go flying out of the track
  2. it would be fantastic to do the full season
  3. having a rallycross dlc with some more of the tracks would be awsome i think
  4. i got burnt by having to hold handbrake again which is an issue due to the fact i have a handbrake and need to quickly press the button to continue and then hold the handbrake with the same hand
  5. i fixed it now, but i wish logitch would use decent wire to begin with, something that gets stressed that much should not be so flimsy, ah well, atleast it wont break there again
  6. broke my shifter :neutral : \ now i gotta get out my soldering iron
  7. i dont like how the stage timer starts right away, i preferred how in dirt rally it waited till you pulled the hand break
  8. well i definatly am having a ball with the game, and i for the most part love the handling model. it did take some getting used to though. really nice to not fly to space from hitting a pebble.  however i do miss launching  corner markers everywhere. i have had odd little bugs. but nothing to go OMG the game is stuffed and nothing that made it unplayable. Have to say  Great Job, Love your hard work and ill probable break my g27 playing it!
  9. just a curiosity here, i had preloaded the game the day the preload became active, but steam has just started preloading again with a 2gb download, anybody else experianced this?
  10. @KickUp  do you know if the steam laumch time of 5pm on the tenth for steam in new zealand is accurate?
  11. the audi is one of my favorite cars in dirt rally, i hope i still love it as much
  12. @ChristinaMC steam says that it will unlock at 6pm bst, is this a mixup? if so can you get it fixed?
  13. it still says that it will be out on the 10th on steam when looking fom new zealand, 00:00 bst on the 9th is 11am nz time on the 9th so whats up with that?
  14. @KickUp you guys shouldnt release videos saying the game is out now, its confusing people
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