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  1. 1: Teaming System for Multiplayer Cars


    Alongside giving online a huge bugfix, you should add a new feature for Multiplayer cars in unranked game modes, which is a teaming system. It is so annoying that the game gives you a random teammate, and when you have to box there's always a chance that your randomly given teammate comes in the same time and cost you a race win. This feature would make a big change not just only in regular unranked matches where people rac with Multiplayer Cars, but also in league racing.


    Customisation items and system from F1 2019:

    To be honest, the customisation system was a massive disappointment in F1 2020. Most of my favourite liveries didn't even make it, plus I didn't like this Podium-Pass thing either. The liveries, suits, helmets you could get from the podium pass and the items shop were hideous. Some liveries were completely over-detailed, some was brutally basic looking, which discouraged me from buying and using them. The same applies to helmets and suits. That's why I want you to bring back the liveries, suits, and helmets that were in F1 2019. There should be standard and premium items again. It was more rewarding for me that I had to collect 2000 Pitcoins by completing ranked races, just to be able to buy the livery that fulfilled my imaginations.


    Different sponsor slots for different liveries and sponsor options:

    It is great that we can choose, which sponsors we would like to put on the car. But I think a few things are missing. These are the followings:

    • Sponsor size slider: This would allow you to set the size of a certain sponsor. The reason why it is needed is because some sponsors look very tiny on the car: eg. Gedankenubertragung.
    • A more free sponsor slotting: This would allow to put your sponsors ANYWHERE you want on your car, in case if you put, your cars on the side of the car, a mirror-system-assistence would help to make your car still look beautiful. The amount of sponsors you can have on your car would be limited to 8 sponsors when not playing in MyTeam.

    Race length slider:

    Just like at the AI difficulty, the race length would have its own slider too. So you can have a 35%, 20%, 40% races aswell.


    Overall these are all the things that would encourage me to buy F1 2021

  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyAttractiveWaterShadyLulu

    • The game suddenly disconnected me from the game, even tough there werent any lags
    • Platform: Xbox One
    • What version of the game you are using?: v1.08
    • Ranked/Unranked/Leagues: Unranked, 50%
    • Wired or Wireless Connection?: Wireless
    • The amount of players in your session?: 19 (3 were retired when the issue happened)
    • Were you the host?: No
    • Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see?: Just with me


  3. So I set up a league for my friends, but there is something I'd like to know.

    If a player miss the first round and isn't in the league yet, will I still be able to invite him after the first race is completed?

  4. F1 2019 Car liveries:

    For me the new liveries I can choose from in F1 2020 are a disappointment. Most of them looks basic/horrible with the exception of Etched, Choppy, and the United templates. Plus I couldn't really find a template to which black-lime green would fit. So one of my suggestion is to bring back the majority of the F1 2019 game liveries, such as:

    • AVAX - G-Sync
    • Xenon - Bisect
    • Atlantic - Vostok
    • Zanzare - Flow
    • Venus - Data Stripe (this was and yet still is my favourite livery template)
    • Xenon - Dorsal
    • Lupo Industries - Full Moon
    • Distort - Swipe
    • Monnaie - Heritage
    • Avolo - Formality
    • AVAX - Cockpit
    • Achevée - Gradient
    • Xenon - Dart
    • Alkenes Energy - Tiger
    • AVAX - Pinstripe
    • Distort - Interference

    These are all the liveries that in my opinion should be in F1 2020.


    Sponsors options:

    Deciding which sponsor you would like to put on the car is a great feature. However the sponsor slots should be increased up to 12/15/20 (eg. you can place more sponsors on the nose and any other areas), plus there should be an option to set the size of the sponsors as most of them looks completely small in certain areas on the car. The current system still makes my car look empty (especially in MyTeam) compared to other cars.




  5. In a racefans.net interview it was confirmed, that we can only put fictional sponsors on our cars in Career mode. So I took a look in F1 2019 at the Multiplayer Cars, and the sponsors they have (and are likely to be in the next one), and collected all of them, I found (43 total). Here is the list:



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  6. Will F1 2019's Multiplayer liveries be in F1 2020, or we get a whole new livery templates to choose from? To be honest, I want the F1 2019 Multiplayer Car liveries to be in F1 2020, because there are several templates I like and want to use for my team in Career Mode, like the Venus - Data Stripe template.

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