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  1. TSR Zinker

    Historical F1 cars

    2004 BAR Honda 2005 McLaren 2009 Toyota 2010 Renault 2011 Red Bull 2011 McLaren (Or even some more KERS cars from 2012) These 6 are the ones I'd like to drive the most
  2. TSR Zinker

    Radio menu active too long

    While watching F1 2020 gameplay I noticed that the radio menu stays open for 8-10 seconds. Sometimes I press it without actually wanting to ask Jeff for information or press X by mistake. In my opinion that's way too long and I'd like it to be personizable between (for example) 3 and 10 seconds.
  3. TSR Zinker

    Request: Turn off reliability issues [online]

    Anyone heard news on this or seen this suggested/mentioned elsewhere?
  4. TSR Zinker

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I have a question/problem regarding this and sent @BarryBL a private message. Or should I send it to you as well.
  5. TSR Zinker

    Request: Turn off reliability issues [online]

    Yes and it actually happens quite frequently. Can't say for sure but I'd say at least one person at every race? I've had DRS failiures 3-4 times in the current season (18/21 races done) and it can happen at point. During Qualis, early or late in the race. Duration is also variable. It cost me 2 chances at a win and I ended up close 3rd on both occasions because I had no chance to make an overtake thanks to DRS trains... I was simply stuck. Hopefully @BarryBL can see this and bring it forwards to the devs.
  6. I've been league racing since the F1 2013 days and have done over 450 races... never did I experience so many reliability issues on my car than on F1 2019. It's mainly the rear wing/DRS... in the last 3 races alone my DRS failed twice on me for 5-7 laps (Russia/Mexico) and it's just not fair and really annoying. We practice a lot but keep getting robbed of a chance to win thanks to something so unnecessary. Takes the fun away. In Mexico yesterday it was even worse because from the moment it failed on lap 4, my rear was uncontrollable in sector 2, I wasn't sure why until I realised my DRS was stuck open and I had no rear downforce, almost crashed and took someone out but was lucky to safe it. On lap 11 it suddenly fixed itself and the car was stable again.... cost be 5-6 seconds and the win in the end. Here comes my request: We should be able to deactivate car defects/reliability issues in the settings alongside the damage settings. Thanks!
  7. TSR Zinker

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You mean you will change it for me or is it done automatically? I was just confused because I have this still shown below. If it's nothing to worry about, thanks!
  8. TSR Zinker

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I have a problem. I changed my Gamertag last year and where it says "Please enter your Gamertag for your preferred platform". My old Gamertag was GestirnZinker97. My new and current GT is: TSR Zinker, idk how I can change it. Everything else worked.
  9. I'm sure most of you have noticed it at some point anyways, but if you haven't, you shouldn't be surprised with all of this... after all Codemasters still hasn't realised the addition of the 3rd DRS zone in Singapore. Some tracks change from year to year. Have they ever implemented a resurfaced circuit, removal of bumps, changes to the kerbs, DRS changes, pitlane changes (and many more things) in time for the correct game either at launch or post-release (France pitlane took them a while)
  10. Good to see these changes and the performance patch coming... Very happy that the cars are becoming faster to handle more realistically as well (should have a bit more mechanical grip as well, especially on traction) But hopefully the slipstream will be made a bit stronger because after seeing the F1 races in Austria, Silverstone etc the slipstream effect is much more powerful than DRS this year.
  11. TSR Zinker


    I guess we'll have to wait and see. Like the person above my original post has shown, that's what I'd love the HUD to be. But I think it will be a slightly toned down and slightly limited version. (For spectator and actual gameplay) Don't quote me for anything, I'm just saying what I heard in videos and read and saw on the internet. Would love to find out very soon!
  12. TSR Zinker


    As I said it's very hard to see from the screenshots. I don't know if that's just me but it seems like it's the F1 font & graphics plus that's what the Youtubers from the press event have said... can't tell you if they are reliable or not haha
  13. TSR Zinker


    I don't know how many of you will see this, but with all the F1 2019 Preview, Ganeplay and News videos that came out today, it very much seems like we are FINALLY getting the real official F1 HUD/graphics. A few German Youtubers have been at the Hamburg press event and they said/confirmed that F1 2019 will have the official HUD. Also, after a bit of analysis of the few "ganeplay screenshots", I noticed that it ACTUALLY has the real F1 font and template. The low quality makes it hard to see but I do think that the wait was worth it and now is the time we get what we asked for for soooo long.... Just need confirmation now + savable replays (which btw also has been mentioned to be included in F1 2019 *HYPE*)