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  1. Baki2

    Race license

    Skill: Bronze 1-3, Silver 1-3, Gold 1-3, Master Safety: D, C, B, A, S
  2. Also notice the F1 2022 boardsšŸ˜‚
  3. Baki2

    Add Toggle to get real advertisements

    It could be released as a DLC, because I think that DLC's don't have PEGI ratings
  4. Baki2

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    So they can advertise alcohol in mobile games, but not on console/pc. Interesting
  5. Baki2

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    Would be nice if they could change the white boards to green. But why are the "When you driver never drink" signs in F1 Mobile Racing, and why have they been removed from F1 2020? They were in the game in the first gameplays and in the BETA
  6. Baki2

    G29 ps4

    You need to install the update