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  1. Ok, all clear. And once again, I'm sorry for asking again, but since everything is supposed to be in place by November, I thought maybe you would give it a try.
  2. I know you already ruled it out months ago, but is there any chance, even if it is early 2022, that Turkey will come into the game, or have you already ruled it out 100%? Thank you very much for all you do and I'm sorry for asking you again this question that you must have heard so many times.
  3. Anyway, we don't know if they have asked, in case they haven't asked just because they are drivers who are not currently in F1 or F2, here's a suggestion, it would be a good addiction.
  4. Why don't you add drivers from previous games to the transfer market? You already have them, you could add Albon, Hulkenberg, De Vries... as free agents, in fact they are very much talked about at the moment. 🤔
  5. WoW, I've never seen this in an F1 game before. I've seen different icons indicating more rain than usual, but no thunderstorms. If anyone has screenshots please post them 🙏🏼
  6. Yes, in terms of personalisation it is not so much. But well, as for the damage, in Beta, when you hit the rear wing hard it would turn red and you would retire from the race, now I don't see that happening, it's as if the damage has decreased. And then, the damage on the floor should be visible, I've had accidents in which the panel shows that it's damaged but the car looks intact, in the Beta it wasn't like that. That's my complaint, however on PS5 they are visible. It's like they have abandoned PS4, something strange when these damages were already in the Beta.
  7. Let's see, this is a year of 'transition'. There are some very cool new features like now you can have mechanical damage and customise the frequency, set the SC exit frequency, damage sensitivity... Then on the customization aspect, the radios, sponsors, that now you can place them on more parts of the car..., I don't know, they are interesting things that give more realism to the game, they may not be many, but considering that it's a transition year it's pretty good. My only complaint is the damage system on PS4, which is too poor.
  8. I also have to be fair and say the things that are good, like the countless new features in career mode and my team mode that give a lot more realism to the game, I love that. The new story mode... But I'm a bit annoyed with the damage issue, it doesn't feel good to get a puncture and see an unreal animation, or to see a hard crash and just scratch a bit of the bargeboards, front wing and tyres, with everything in simulation.
  9. Honestly, I feel very bad after seeing how reduced the damage is visually represented in PS4, they have been showing us many videos and everything so that in the end they are insignificant and only for PS5. I tried it in the Beta, and I agree with other users, the damage visually was much better. A pity that the old generation has been abandoned, at least the new model of the punctures, with that would have been fine, but not even, I hope you can improve something in the coming months, not all of us have the opportunity to have the PS5 😔
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