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  1. pro3

    F1 2021 BETA

    Most likely in a week or 2 going from previous beta, you'll get an email saying your in if successful. You'll then get access to the beta forums. Then a week or 2 after that the first weeks starts. Again this is from previous beta's Unsure on amount though Barry will have to enlighten use on that if he wants too.
  2. Yep your right there did use to be but from what I can gather from what barry said he's gonna look at your behaviour on the forums etc. Rather than writing a paragraph which is quite hard. Am I on the right lines here @BarryBL.
  3. pro3

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    It's been a while. My last race was season 2 i believe. If there's space anywhere I would like to join again.
  4. pro3

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Which is understandable but I can't see why it can't be an option so people can choose. It does happen in RL and is part of the sport. @BarryBL what are you thoughts on this.
  5. pro3

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    For me its frustrating that the ai have random failures and players can't. Getting to 100 percent wear isn't a random failure since you choose to run that part and in my experience. You never actually need to run part up to 100 percent you always have enough parts.
  6. pro3

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    The engine will blow up if you get it to 100%, same with gearbox and you'll retire Parts should have a chance to fail and any point with the chance getting higher as the wear increases. They already have the wear and components system in place.
  7. pro3

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Some thing I've been asking for a long while and it never happens sadly. I get that some people wouldn't want it but i can't see why it can't be an option. Something like OFF- AI ONLY - PLAYER AND AI. The more options you have the better.
  8. pro3

    Driver Transfers

    If a drive retires hes out of the save for good. They won't return at all. The driver will disappear from the driver market page as soon as they announce there retirement.
  9. Also Noticed this issue for my second season. Needs to be looked at. Makes the graph pointless at the moment.
  10. pro3

    Deleted by mistake

    No problem mate. I recommend making backups from now on so it doesn't happen again. Just copy all the files in remote somewhere else and put them back in there if you want to restore. Make sure you copy all files unless as you just found out the saves won't work.
  11. pro3

    Deleted by mistake

    @drb1965 Maybe its seem unlikely as mid session and all saves are linked and won't load without the original save. The game usually leaves midsessions saves even after you done the race until you do another. Plus they might be from other game modes. Do me a favour if you can could you screen shot your solo tab in the main menu of the game for me?
  12. pro3

    Have I lost my game?

    Yeah that could work. Does seem a lot of work though. Maybe @BarryBL in the future we could have more than 3 slots for saves. Something for future titles maybe. ;)
  13. pro3

    Have I lost my game?

    No Problem. I always recommend doing manual backups even with cloud on. Yes you got it remember that if you do a driver career and my team etc you can't roll saves back separately.
  14. pro3

    Deleted by mistake

    Also check the save dictionary and see if he saves are still there. Save are here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\yoursteamid\1080110\remote Yoursteamid will be some numbers that are unique to you.
  15. pro3

    Have I lost my game?

    @Theseus. Saves are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\Yoursteamid\1080110\remote. Where yoursteamid will be numbers that is unique to you. Saves will be in remote if steam cloud is turned on. If steam cloud is turned off they will be in local. Make sure you copy all files out of that folder. Saves won't work at all if you don't copy all. They aren't interchangable.