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  1. pro3

    Where is day 1 patch? It's now day 3..

    Sorry buddy as I and others said performance patch is coming later Day one patch has already happened as other have said on last Tuesday on the legends edition release.
  2. pro3

    Where is day 1 patch? It's now day 3..

    Day 1 (v 1.03) patch is already out. It came out before the game was released and we never played it without. The reason why we never got any patch notes as we never played the game before the update so there was no need. The patch was 15 gb on ps4 if you had the disk and digital had it already. Lee Mather on twitter has already said a patch for performances will come out at a later date soon which will most likely be the first post release patch.
  3. Thanks codies again for choosing me again. On PC. Almost gave up hope.