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  1. Pre-order is available, and by that time, we should know enough about the game to know whether we want to pre-order. A lot of us don't.
  2. It seems really weird that we're so close to launch and we know so little about features. Do we still not know anything about VR support? Whether they've finally fixed track limits? If they've added an option to practice with equal cars in single player? If they've added a force cockpit option for multiplayer?
  3. moogleslam

    Crossplay PC / Xboxone

    But I would LOVE to see this in F1 2019. Lots of other games are doing it these days.
  4. Races are Wednesday at 9pm Eastern. Full 21 Race Calendar, 50% Distance No Assists Allowed. Reliable Stewarding System. Clean & Fair Drivers Only. Season expected to start in ~2 weeks. Must have good ping. Let me know if you have any other questions! Sign up here!
  5. moogleslam

    F1 2019 wishlist

    I've been saying that I need to see 4 things added to the game before I buy F1 2019: Track limits properly defined VR support Force Cockpit option for online races The ability to practice in single player with Equal cars If that's in F1 2019, CM get another buy from me. If not, maybe I'll see you in F1 2020.... 21? Never?