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    McLaren now possible to license for Classic content?

    The cost of iRacing can be less than the Codemasters yearly F1 release.
  2. moogleslam

    McLaren now possible to license for Classic content?

    This has to be a serious blow to Codemasters sales.  Simraceway doesn't have anything close to the number of members that iRacing has.  Simulation fans have been screaming out for a modern day F1 experience and Codies arcade offering doesn't satisfy those needs.
  3. Lots of leagues tomorrow including Australian PS3, European PC, American PC, and American 360!  Seats available in all!  Check first post for sign-up info!
  4. Tonight at 7:30pm GMT is the European Xbox 360 League!  This week is the Red Bull Ring, and there's seats available!  Sign up here!
  5. If you are looking for clean and fair racing, we have seats available for drivers of all abilities on all formats and all parts of the world! 
  6. In contrast to my last post, someone once told me they thought Precision Racing League was only for Alien racers.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  We welcome all skill levels (it says it in my signature!).  If you're just starting out, come to PRL!  Because we have such a diverse level of skills, everyone generally finds someone else to race with on track.  We're a very friendly community, and are more than happy to give you some tips or setups if you're still learning the ropes of F1 2014, or any other racing game/sim.
  7. moogleslam

    F1 community gone quiet

    Hey nibs - I'm sure they did have extra development time because they probably started it a couple of years ago.  They said "early season release", so I've recently taken that to mean anytime in the first half of the season :)  Codemasters.... pffft.
  8. Think you're the best of the best?  Division 1 of the American PC Championship might have something to say about that.  Sign up and see if you can beat them (hint: you can't) :P
  9. Absolutely!  Drivers can sign-up at anytime.  You can do so here.
  10. What's happening this week at PRL with F1 2014?  Monday: Xbox 360 European Championship Wednesday: PC European Championship, PC American Championship, Xbox 360 American Championship, PS3 Pacific Championship (I don't know why we like Wednesday's so much!) Thursday: PS3 American Championship Saturday: PS3 European Championship If that's not enough, we also run a Race 07 league on Mondays, a GT6 league on Thursdays, and an iRacing League on Sundays!
  11. A little bit off topic, but just wanted to make everyone aware that PRL also has leagues for GT6, iRacing, Race 07, and Assetto Corsa in the near future as well. For F1 2014 leagues, check the first post of this thread!
  12. moogleslam

    Will it be a PS Vita Version of F1 2015?

    And 3DO, Virtua Boy, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and Vectrex I think.
  13. moogleslam

    Will it be a PS Vita Version of F1 2015?

    I'm don't have any inside info, but I'd say the chances are pretty close to 100% no.
  14. American PC league is racing at Canada tonight - seats available.  Check the first post!
  15. moogleslam

    F1 community gone quiet

    The start of the Forum demise was when the Forums went down for several months because Codemasters let their Contract run out with no backup in place.  Things have never been the same since then, but a disappointing F1 2014 release, and basically the same game for 5 years in a row with little improvements in terms of the ones the community was asking for, obviously contributed a lot too.  Dev posts help spur conversation, but those are non existent these days.
  16. The European Xbox 360 League is racing tonight at 7:30pm GMT.  Sign up here!
  17. I have the same issue, what mod you have installed? All you need to do to fix it is lower your framerate, and V-Sync in the graphics menu will do that.
  18. moogleslam

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    Graphically, F1 2010 looked the most realistic.  F1 2011 and onward had colors that were too vibrant, and they subsequently looked a bit cartoony.  Hopefully that's remedied in F1 2015 with the new engine.  That said, we don't really care about the graphics if everything else is amazing.  Sadly, it's not.... In terms of handling/physics/setups/feedback, there's really very little to separate them.  They were all pretty much garbage, and calling them a simcade is probably overly generous.  F1 2014 with the turbos and higher torque mixed things up slightly by putting a bit more emphasis on throttle control at lower gears.  That gave it the potential to be the best, but the ridiculous disparity between gamepad and wheel, the hidden steering assist and always on TC for gamepad that was never patched made sure F1 2014 was the most flawed of all.... not to mention a bunch of features from F1 2013 had actually been removed, and not even replaced with anything else. How do we assess which one was the best?  Do we ask which one had the least bugs?  F1 2010 started with some bugs, and some of those same ones still persist in F1 2014 while lots others have been added along the way. When I think about each year's release, this is what comes to mind: F1 2010: This is amazing, even with a keyboard! (last racing game I played was Mario Kart 64 so I didn't have a good point of reference) F1 2011: Bugs, Sync Issues, Stupid AI, Unfair Penalties & added Safety Car F1 2012: Bugs, Sync Issues, Stupid AI, Unfair Penalties & removed tire wear scaling F1 2013: Bugs, Sync Issues, Stupid AI, Unfair Penalties & added tire wear scaling and classics F1 2014: Bugs, Sync Issues, Stupid AI, Unfair Penalties & wheel spin, new engine sounds and removed classics. F1 2015: New Engine & new Creative Director, so optimistic? Despite my negativity, racing the F1 201x games all have the potential to be a lot of fun in league racing, but they also have the potential to be so much better. Bottom line, listen to the fans, and posts like these, Britpoint, are a small step in the right direction.  Thanks
  19. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday!  We're back racing this week.  Check the first post for sign-up links if you're not already part of PRL! :)
  20. Pre-Season Race for the European Xbox 360 League tonight at 7:30pm GMT!  2 seats available!
  21. moogleslam

    [xbox360] Anyone out there wish races were around 8pm gmt?

    We have an Xbox 360 league that races 7:30pm GMT on Mondays if that works for you?
  22. moogleslam

    Patch confirmation?

    With Steve Hood gone, I guess there isn't anyone left to make a decision about a patch?  It is mind boggling that a company would leave a product in such a broken state (Wheel vs Gamepad), but I'm starting to realize that's exactly what they're going to do.  We're 2 months post release, and there's been no word of a patch.  In past releases, they've already released a dozen (PC) patches by this point, and have got the game in a workable state. Does no one at Codemasters realize that giving us no information at all is actually worse than telling us there will be no patch?  I feel they're just continually tarnishing their reputation with moves like this, and even an amazing F1 2015 might not be enough to get some F1 fans back on the Codemasters bandwagon.
  23. The European Xbox 360 Championship is officially starting!  January 5th will be the first race at Australia.  Races are 7pm GMT on Mondays.  You can sign up here!
  24. moogleslam

    Lowbobs F1 Race League (PC)

    F1 2014 has been a bit underwhelming, and so starting a new league seems to be quite a struggle.  There are lots of already established ones to join which would be an easier option. 
  25. A couple more European Xbox 360 drivers and we can get to racing!  Sign up here!