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  1. A couple more European Xbox 360 drivers and we can get to racing!  Sign up here!
  2. moogleslam

    Patch confirmation?

    On PRL alone, we have over 100 people demanding a patch.....  I can tell you're not a league racer....
  3. The four division American PC Championship is tomorrow night and there will be some seats available.  Sign up now to race! :)
  4. moogleslam

    Patch confirmation?

    PC had about 15 patches last year (or was it F1 2012?).  It's a bad sign that we haven't even had 1 yet.  Those multiple PC patches were bundled together to make just 1 or 2 for the consoles.  Whatever they're doing, they don't seem to be following that patch process they've used in previous years.  What's different?  That they have a game coming out ~6 months from now instead of ~1 year from now..... not a good sign.
  5. moogleslam

    Patch confirmation?

    In my mind, it's not clear.  Sure, he's passing on information, but they can always say "no, it's not worth it for those issues".  In our mind, it's absolutely worth it, but they have resources to balance and F1 2015 to focus on.
  6. All active leagues now have one or two races under their belts, and they've been an incredible success so far!  Stewards haven't had to do any work yet either!  Thanks for the clean racing guys! Still looking for 360 drivers in Europe & Australia, and PC Drivers in Australia!  Check the first post for sign-up links!
  7. moogleslam

    Patch confirmation?

    Can you at least confirm if there will be a patch?
  8. moogleslam

    Question about online racing

    Equal cars on vs equal cars off, or assists allowed vs assists banned?
  9. moogleslam

    Number in the steering wheel dashboard

    Unless you're doing a formation lap with a speed limit in a league :)
  10. moogleslam

    Number in the steering wheel dashboard

    Massive problem with the new steering wheels - Codemasters don't display the speed on them as per the real work steering wheels.  Cockpit drivers don't know how fast they're going!
  11. The Pacific PS3 Championship started PRL's F1 2014 championships this morning with the Australian GP!  The European PC Championship is getting underway right now! Later today we have the American PC Championship Pre-Season race at the Red Bull Ring, and also the American Xbox 360 Australian GP! Yes, Wednesday is a busy day on PRL! It doesn't end there.... Thursday see's the American PS3 Championship kick off their season at Australia, and then Saturday, the European PS3 Championship will do the same! To join any of these championships, or one for your region/format, check the first post for more info including race times!
  12. Trials tonight if you want to join the American PC Championship.  We have a Pre-Season race this Wednesday at the Red Bull Ring!
  13. moogleslam

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    "PRL eStewards App"... for PRL drivers only.  Also detects cheats to ensure we have the only truly level playing field there is! :)
  14. We'll have another Trial session for American PC drivers on Monday at 9pm EST.  Sign-up if you want to participate and get assigned to one of our divisions!  Everyone is welcome! :)
  15. moogleslam

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    The lengths we have to go to to create a level playing field, because Codemasters won't give us one, are crazy!  In our highest division, one of our drivers developed an application which all drivers have to run during races, and it detects when they're using the hidden steering assist by running their gamepad as a gamepad or their wheel as a gamepad.  Now, we not only have to run it for that reason, but also to make sure no one is running the hidden traction control which the gamepad also gives you!  It sounds even more crazy when I have to type it!
  16. moogleslam

    Online Races

    Didn't realize you'd been a member - your name here doesn't ring a bell.   Nothing sarcastic.  Was genuinely wishing you well if you had a league.  Negative comments about a league are generally either because someone has a "rival" league, or because they left the league on bad terms (didn't agree with a Stewards decision for instance).  Rather than attack someone else's league, I like to do the opposite and only say positive things.  
  17. moogleslam

    Online Races

    In related news, the biotech company I work for also doesn't try to control what it's employees do when NOT on company time, nor is it responsible for their actions during said time :wink:  I can't tell you how many times I've heard our drivers say they're joining to get away from the "rammers" in public races.  I haven't once heard "I'd like to supplement my public ramming with some clean racing on PRL" I'm curious to know how you even know who PRL members are.  It's not like any of our drivers race around with a [PRL] tag. Have a nice day, Samuel.  Good luck with your league too.
  18. Should we call this Patch #1 or is that a stretch?
  19. moogleslam

    Online Races

    Are you sure you're qualified to assess PRL?  You did exactly half a race before you crashed into a wall and destroyed your car while no one was even close to you on track (I can post the video if you like?), and then you never raced again.  You posted on our forums 4 times.  Does this vast array of PRL experience make you qualified to make statements about our community, or what we care about, or the standard of our racing? PRL care about clean racing before anything else.  We have a very experienced stewards panel to make sure of it, but our drivers know clean racing is the priority, so even with hundreds of drivers racing each week, the stewards panel quite often have nothing to do at all. I'm not sure how you define community, but we have a family friendly website with lots of active forum members, over 100,000 posts, drivers always organizing unofficial practice sessions, joining PRL's chat server, sharing setups, strategy, posting race recaps, creating highlight videos, even playing non-racing games together.... sorry, but I don't know how we could possibly have more of a community unless we start having monthly meetups in different cities across the globe.... well, actually, lots of members have met each other on PRL and then met up in real life for drinks, dinner, to attend Grand Prix's and even to do some real world racing together! Do we care about our "numbers"?  Of course we do, because without drivers, there is no racing, but it's far from "all" we care about.  We care about making our drivers feel welcome, making sure they understand we're a family friendly website/racing league, that we accept all skill levels, that our racing is clean.  PRL is a league for the drivers.  We value their input and their input has shaped our championships.  The reason we encourage drivers to sign up if a league already has 16 drivers assigned to it is that's it's rare to get 16 drivers to show up to each race, so if only 14 or 15 show up, the first drivers on the waiting list will get to race.  It wouldn't make sense for a driver to think it's not worth signing up because a league is full if a seat would be available at the very next race, which it usually is.  As Milkromeda said, people's schedules change, and drivers come and go throughout the season. Instead of making slanderous remarks about PRL, maybe focus on your own league?  This isn't a political campaign.  If your league succeeds, I'm very happy for you.
  20. Even with V-Sync on, there's a bug that causes some small erratic wheel behavior.   I've noticed it on a few parts of the track at Austria, and on the back straight at Malaysia when you move to the right of the track earlier than you normally would, to try and avoid letting the car behind get in your slip stream.  Just a little tug on the wheel.
  21. moogleslam

    Is Traction Control assist really OFF??

    Check your assists again.  The game likes to turn them back on by itself.
  22. moogleslam

    Online Races

    What is your Steam Download location? (I think it's Steam > Settings > Download).  That determines which sessions you see.  There are more if you set it to a UK location than if you set it to a North America location for instance. ... or join a League (like in my signature), and you will always have people to race online :)
  23. moogleslam

    Weekend options career

    If you do the short weekend without practice sessions, can you never get the upgrades you'd get from R & D, or are those applied automatically?
  24. moogleslam

    The Damage Model

    No, but hopefully there is a LOT of progress with F1 2015.
  25. moogleslam

    How to avoid/prevent/recover from a save corruption

    Good Advice, MadMax.