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  1. madotter

    F1 2018 CTD/stutter problems

    Okay that's fair. I should have checked to be honest. Thanks mate.
  2. madotter

    F1 2018 CTD/stutter problems

    The potential fix was found this morning... The videos I posted were to show the stuttering and CTDs. I don't need to get promotion for my channel and if I did, I would find bigger places to do so. Please use your 'precious' time for other things. Good day.
  3. madotter

    F1 2018 CTD/stutter problems

    Do you have nothing better to do that post unrelated rubbish on my threads? I have an issue which most PC users suffer with and am trying to get it sorted. This is why I very rarely post here. The good news however is that Lee Mather luckily has been helping me fix this and I might have a solution which I will of course share once I have finished testing. Back to UP100 - Please don't reply to any messages unless you have something to say that relates to the question - It keeps the forum tidier 😉
  4. Hi guys, As I'm sure many of you (especially on PC) know there are a lot of CTD (crash to desktop) and stutter issues. Now I have made many changes to my PC over the years (Everything from CPU/MOBO/RAM/GPU/HDD/SSD/PSU not to mention sim hardware including wheel/pedals from Logitech, Thrustmaster and now Fanatec) so have ruled out hardware problems (that and all other racing games don't suffer with this - even Dirt 2.0) and have recorded and streamed with ShadowPlay, OBS, Xsplit and now I use SLOBS. The stutters and crashes happen regardless of what I'm doing - single player career, quick race, online and that includes recording, streaming or just playing for fun. I also have an ultrawide monitor (3440x1440), a 4K (3840x2160) and a bog standard 1080p widescreen (1920x1080) monitor and can also confirm this happens on all - about the same instances. So what is the problem? Many have cracked the game and removed the DRM and claim this not only fixes it but also improves performance by 10% but is that the issue? Is it limitations of the EGO engine? For an example of this (and to see why my username is madotter) see my stream from last night: Crashes at: 31:16 and 52:40 ANOTHER example: I was testing this morning on F1 2018 to get my wheel in wheel cam to match up with the wheel in game, which I did manage to do but after a huge game stutter at 43 seconds the game crashed and froze within 2 minutes of game play. Just wanted to add it here to give yet another example: Stunning. I am doing a live stream tonight (at 8pm UK time) with a few community members to discuss exactly this (and how it could ruin F1 2019 if not fixed) so what I'd like to ask you all here is what systems you use, anything you think is contributing to these problems and just your thoughts on them. You can watch the live stream via my YouTube channel and join in too if you'd like to add anything. Thank you for your time and I hope one day these issues will be a thing of the past. Iain.