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  1. why the D1 of the game it's broken 14 days ago?
  2. probable in the next few hours it will be up to xbox1 and tonight, maximum tomorrow PC, then in theory 6 days the beta code will arrive to all the selected.
  3. right what you say, but it is also true that the beta is constituted in 3 phases (in theory) as the last year and to make it come out as late as possible is a bit counterproductive
  4. not much, but if they really need to release the beta they can't make it come out 2 weeks before the game launches, also because soon if not already the game has to enter the gold phase and be sent to the world.
  5. on amazon.it and the various shops do not even know the existence of this legends edition
  6. how much will the legends edition cost? when the pre order will be active on the legends edition?
  7. hi, when preorder the legend edition? because search in amazon.it and gamestop but still there is nothing, not even the price.
  8. I'm involved in the discussion, based on my experience as a player, I can say that how many steps have been taken by the codes, nor have they made so many back example the pad has a crazy traction can not be denied (I speak no aid) the fact that at least on ps4 there was the temperature factor of the tires still made pad and steering wheel almost at the same level performance. Finally codies had done a style thing Assetto Corsa instead they came up with a patch to eliminate this "defect" which defect was not, in fact it made F1 2018 one of almost the most simulative. instead someone did well to complain and they took away this temperature thing. in conclusion I hope to review the temperatures getting up as it happened before with 2018 otherwise they would do better to write arcade instead of driving simulation.
  9. we'll probably talk about it after Easter
  10. If you selected the option to keep your previous name visible then it should still show up. Best thing I could suggest to you though would be to inform Codemasters of the change. I can imagine at this time with that availability to change PSN Names it could be delaying the process if other people have done it already (Which is why i haven't done - That and I don't know what I would change it too) from @PatSpence96
  11. @Faya should inform the thread if and when emails have been sent