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  1. advanceapple

    G29 Logitech on full left lock

    the steering wheel is not supported by code, useless posting will never solve it.
  2. advanceapple

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    the votes of the newspapers were bought
  3. advanceapple

    F1 2020 game release date

    already do a random aerodynamics, why not also do the times at random?
  4. advanceapple

    Logitech g920

    all this is quite shameful, they raised logitech as a supported steering wheel if you highlighted these problems. I did a ****** championship because the wheel is not fully supported.
  5. use the pad 😉
  6. advanceapple

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    they are afraid to face certain situations, it would not be good for them to play a simulation game, for serious economic losses. so they do these game abortions. Copy paste and some changes there and there. they must change course at least for ps5, after which it will be known if they have dug the pit by themselves or there is the elusive quality step. if I were Liberty media I would climb a few years on the 7 + 2 contract are too many. and meanwhile let's enjoy what happened last night. 😄
  7. advanceapple

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    I said that I would be silent for some time. but I continued to read and finally what I expected happened, a very good figure of ... in the world of vision, because it is this "WORLD OF VISION". I wonder if they have the courage to play a decent game this time. 😄
  8. advanceapple

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    I'm happy with the good figure of ... that they did last night, so they learn (no they don't learn) to release games like that.
  9. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    do not fix anything, the game is now dead. this is because they did tests on tests, when the truth did nothing, they must be ashamed. God money.
  10. it is always sad, to return to writing on this forum but it is my duty to let people know that the "solved" bugs are not solved at all. FFB G29 totally non-existent almost like playing with the pad without ffb but in the end who cares and better favor the casual players :). let's go to the bug in question: very old bug where you start after qualifying with 2 or 4 tires already 100% and even punctured. true true sadness. Code: I lost it console Ps4 Wheel G29.
  11. this problem are very important. 😉
  12. advanceapple

    break and FFB G29 out! PS4

    now how many have I said to this game, that I have also finished the adjectives. the game having its own life both during the time trial and online during a league match, the game's braking system changes without touching anything, the brake pressures are always the same (having the park closed you can't touch anything). it is a problem of the game code, however the opposite is still claimed. not to mention the g29 ffb, during the first stint of the race everything is ok, as soon as the only stop is made, the ffb disappears from the steering wheel and the brakes are different from what they should be. it was too expensive to make a copy and paste of 2018 with very small tricks. long live the pad, long live the e-sport.
  13. advanceapple

    Poll: Laser Scan...

    the tracks are made with laser scan or the cars are made with the feet, the solutions are two.