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  1. advanceapple

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    you have not understood that he is not interested in anything, only money. they don't care if the game is bad. those 6 7 patches will always come out and then the game dies. when he says "it's the most supported title" it's ********, it's more supported just because the months go by and not because the patches come out. we have been waiting for the safety car for 3 years. I said everything.
  2. advanceapple

    F1 2020 Request: Please add Live Season Updates

    they don't even know how to fix the basics, think of updates in live .. what a concoction.
  3. advanceapple

    F1 2020 compatibility with ps4???

    will be yet another copy paste badly done. nothing to worry about nex-gen. 😄 sorry I didn't want to quote you. :)
  4. advanceapple

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    as long as you win races in the current game situation there is little to complain about. and then opinions or not, I have demonstrated the facts and differences that are there for all to see. last year there was overheating of the tires, I removed this thing to say the least fantastic justifying it as a drop in FPS of the consoles. every word they or you say are only shields to avoid the cold and crude reality that the game sucks.
  5. advanceapple

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    you're a pad player, it's just a wasted breath. you will never understand.
  6. advanceapple

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    it is clear that there is a conflict of interest between using the pad or the steering wheel. but your answer is completely wrong and out of place. obviously this arcade game will never go towards pure simulation. this is the right answer to give.
  7. advanceapple

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    because it is called simulation consistency, which codemasters does not have. more and more ridiculous when you give such answers.
  8. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    according to barry, everything is in order. to you the wide sentence of how ridiculous they are.
  9. advanceapple

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    F1 2019 is the new 2014. sshhhh!!!
  10. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    i send you the playlist of the my league. good vision.
  11. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    you're just diverting the problem, I'm not surprised it's a **** game. regardless the game should be developed without aid to the driving pad or steering wheel it is. you who are of the staff and you tell me that you use aid when a good percentage does not use them well it is all a program for F1 2020 too. if you want a piece of advice now that the holidays are coming, turn as much as you can with the steering wheel and then with the pad, just so you can understand the difference between the two devices. after I tell you the race pace between pad and steering wheel is very irrelevant. but if you really care, in private, I'll send you a series of links from my league. for 2020, change the mentality and development of the game because you won't even get to 2021.
  12. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    dear man, I respect what you do for the community. but you can't tell me you play with the aids and with the pad and when you have the chance use the steering wheel .. it's something that sends me to the asylum. as he says @KiLLu12258 " the problem is that big advantage of traction out of cornes with pad. You can easily stump on full throttle without losing the back of the car. also it feels like you have less understeer with pad. But still, biggest issue is the traction advantage. (without tc) " 7 mounth I say to check the codes they used for the pad and to compare it with those of the steering wheel but nobody did and said nothing. and: 1) equal performance in a online race training with 2 different player in the same lap and not far away. 2) in the online performance should be the same or similar with or without understeer and the loss of rear. consequently the machines are the same but are different liveries so the delta is what you see. 3) i've a g29. you already feel the difference when you have more steering with the steering wheel, while with the pad the degrees are stable, allowing you to make the most direct curves without triggering the loss of the front. to conclude remove this useless understeer because yes that the real F1 has it but it is not so or go back to the programming of 18 by wire and by sign. @BarryBL
  13. advanceapple

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    @BarryBL I'm still waiting for an answer. I also provided the videos and nothing happened yet. it's shameful!
  14. you did not understand anything. the basic problem for which you are discussing is the online not the career.