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  1. do we speak with or without driving assists?
  2. the circuit itself is nice enough but the understeer of the cars is embarrassing. on 50 laps 5 clean but very slow. give yourself a rule that giving gifts to shut up people are all good. make this game as it should be of the right rule and not a ********.
  3. hello, the other night during a preseason race, the steering wheel no longer changed the gear for me to climb only by trying so many times the marches entered even 2 3 at a time. but (video attached to lap 18) it happens that the steering wheel is totally disconnected, obviously ending up on the wall. this is the second time this has happened to me. I wanted to ask if there is an explanation for all this. Thank you. ps: today it disconnected 3 times. the base and steering wheel remain on, but as mentioned the steering wheel tends to turn either completely to the left or c
  4. I find it very hard to understand why, these 3 tracks are not already operational within the game. turkey should already have the data, last presence F1 2011. Imola with the acquisition of project cars SmS should not be a problem to have it. portimao and jeddah maybe with the laser scan (which I doubt they are able to use in codies) it should not be difficult to acquire them. all this delay or lack why?
  5. hello, can you tell me how to use the photo mode for the trophy of the americas? take a photo in canada usa etc.
  6. as the title suggests, the new "simracingame" F1 2021 will be released for both consoles or only ps4 or ps5?
  7. si vabbè, ti aspetti che dopo 5 anni aggiornino i tracciati? ahahahah dai...
  8. I'm serious, I didn't want to slam the truth in the face too violently. ahahahah 😄
  9. the copy of the F1 2019, F1 2020 pad overpower edition it will be released to july 10th, Did i write it correctly? 😄 ahahah
  10. the steering wheel is not supported by code, useless posting will never solve it.
  11. do not fix anything, the game is now dead. this is because they did tests on tests, when the truth did nothing, they must be ashamed. God money.
  12. according to barry it's all fair but don't tell her. we are just the ones who complain about the wrong things. but anyway the game is almost dead. and in the years to come it will get worse. oh well.
  13. tell barry how huge the differences between the two peripherals are, because he doesn't believe me.
  14. I did not want to say this. hahaha. the meaning of the sentence is that a player who has been running with the steering wheel for 3 years now to go back to the pad means to take 4 or more seconds per lap from the same player pad.
  15. can you prove what you say? I can't because I've been running with the steering wheel for 3 years and with the pad I'm slower than 4 seconds.
  16. I was told that I had to do the times with both the pad and the steering wheel and compare them. now I say, how can you tell me such a thing after I have been driving with the steering wheel for 3 years to return to the pad ?. obviously it is normal that the pad times will be higher. from then on, total darkness.
  17. you have not understood that he is not interested in anything, only money. they don't care if the game is bad. those 6 7 patches will always come out and then the game dies. when he says "it's the most supported title" it's ********, it's more supported just because the months go by and not because the patches come out. we have been waiting for the safety car for 3 years. I said everything.
  18. according to barry, everything is in order. to you the wide sentence of how ridiculous they are.
  19. i send you the playlist of the my league. good vision.
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