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  1. AmbaLaBambax

    F1 2013 not launching in Steam

    Uninstalled and re-installed drivers and that worked! Thanks blak!
  2. Bought the game a couple of days ago and downloaded it, tried to play it last night and after pressing play in Steam the game looks like it's going to launch (box appears saying 'Launching F1 2013') but it doesn't. Tried verifying the files several times and that doesn't help, although it downloads a small file each and every time I verify. Unistalled numerous times and again that doesn't work. Tried running as administrator and changing the compatibility, all my drivers etc are updated, still nothing. Looked in the game folder and each time the game tries to launch it creates a crash file, which according to a friend says it's trying to read/write a file it isn't allowed to. I'm stumped?!