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  1. I did 2010-2013 with each game and it was good fun. Rather than play it as a career mode, I used a different driver each race in GP mode but it was fun going through. I also tried to simulate the grids to get them as close to real life as possible. The old games can be worth digging out again and racing on, although you have to be able to put up with the random puncture bug for the AI in 2011 if you run beyond 20% races. In my championships, I had Webber win in 2010, Vettel in 2011, Hamilton in 2012 and Vettel again in 2013!
  2. I think Ferrari would be OK in tier 2 still because Alonso is right there in the championship with the likes of Bottas and Vettel. I wouldn't be that comfortable with having Ferrari in the same tier as Toro Rosso. In career mode though, I would just wish it wasn't Mercedes being the fastest, alone, every year. Eventually, they will be caught up, just as Red Bull were. Teams should be able to move around amongst the tiers, and to allow more than just 1 team in the top tier past season 1. I don't know if that is impossible, however.
  3. The A1 Ring is beautifully created, although I also like Albert Park and the lighting effect.
  4. Hard pressed to find any real improvements but I like the rain effect improvements. I took a Caterham and started at the back in heavy rain and it was difficult to see anything in the wall of spray! This is how it should be, they have really stepped up the weather. F1 2014 has by far the best weather effects of any racing game on console (I don't play on PC so I can't vouch for anything on that). Amongst others, I'm glad that I don't have to play the YDT again, and the scenarios can be quite fun to play this year and seem more relevant to real life scenarios on some occasions (Williams at Spa
  5. I agree with all of this! Williams are simply too slow in this game on anything over 25% races. Also, no season is the same as the last, and I can't imagine Mercedes being the fastest forever, so there should be changes to the order if career mode is going to be not only more realistic but also something worth playing after the first couple of seasons. F1 2011 and 2012 had this, so it is disappointing that this got taken out. A final observation I've made since 2013 is that the cars brake way, way too early and back out on the inside line to nearly all corners (the outliers being Malaysia tur
  6. On one hand, I want to have Mercedes dominant as it is like real life but on the other hand, I'd like to race against different people for the win too from time to time like Ricciardo. In career mode, will Mercedes stay dominant throughout the 5 years or will teams catch up/overtake them?
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