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  1. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything, I'm going to voice my honest opinion; the physics are atrocious. The way the car loses grip front and rear just does not feel right at all, it's like the downforce switches on and off mid corner, causing massive understeer (T3 at Spain is very bad for it) and also weird, floaty oversteer mid corner. This wouldn't be a huge problem for me in most games/simulators, as I'd just return to the setup screen and fix it that way, but it seems the setup options are so numb this year, that no matter what I change, the car feels barely any different, and the same issues persist. I have spent hours in time trial fiddling with the setup options to find a sweet spot or something that makes the car more driveable, but it seems the setup screen is useless, because nothing feels any better, nor is anything much quicker, than the default (balanced) setup. I'm not asking for a physics overhaul, but just make the setup options actually do something, rather than being there for show. This is my opinion, feel free to disagree.