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  1. Superpadawan83

    Thrustmaster F1 Wheel mapping issue

    Thanks for the help stevie ! I often check driver update but never did for firmware. In the end it was simply a error from the game has the game thought my wheel setup was for a ts-ps + a ts-pc with an advanced button congif for the f1 wheel so the game told me it was lacking something (I only have one ts-pc lol). I create a new profile starting for the keyboard one and it worked :) Thanks again time for me to play !!
  2. Superpadawan83

    Thrustmaster F1 Wheel mapping issue

    Any one to help me please ? 😞
  3. Hello, I recently thought of switch to my normal ts pc to the F1 wheel. For a better handling of ers i switch to the full configuration to benefit of all the button and joystick this wheel offers. Sadly the game only recognise the wheel when it is in basic configuration and impossible to play with the whole 20 buttons of the complete configuration. I link the pdf of the button config to show you the 2 button configs. If you need informations Ask me and i will provide them 🙂 f1_wheel_mapping.pdf