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  1. greetings! I've been having some good fun with the new Drag Pack but I'm still struggling to get the best out of each car, especially at the start. mostly by luck, I managed tog et some very good reaction times with some cars but I'm not 100% sure what line you cannot cross to be considered a false start. also, how are you guys tunning your cars for the races? cheers
  2. I was wondering how many people, in average, take part on Racenet challenges (in this case I'm looking at PS3 in particular) on a weekly basis. the other day I got a very bad lap time and was ranked just under 1000th place (Top 90%) with less than 24 hours for the challenge to end. on the same day, I clocked a Top 30% time on another track and that put me on 100th or so. does that mean we barely have less than 2000 people playing GRID Autosport on PS3? this is pretty shocking...
  3. one thing I really miss from GRID 2 is the ability to run different types of cars in the same race. I would love to try a Super Modified versus a Touring Car... or maybe a Indy Car versus a Le Mans Prototype. @Loore, are there plans of implementing this feature in the game, even if only on Custom Races?
  4. revesburger

    Post Race EXP Calculation

    just wondering... how does the EXP calculation actually work? how much of a difference does it make if you finish Top 3 in a room with 3 people, 6 people or 12 people? does the level of the players you beat are also taken into consideration? also, do you get more EXP/Cash for racing more laps? what would be the difference between racing Indy Oval 5 times with 1 lap or racing it once with 1 laps?
  5. Hi guys, I finally unlocked some upgrades/tunning for my Focus Touring Car and put it to test online on some Oval Tracks. I was aiming for an edge on the straights so I put little downforce and stretched my gears. I was  about 2 seconds faster than anyone else per lap but I was losing too much speed and traction on the corners and my top speed wasn't as high as I expected. The only visible difference in the gears were that I would be on 5th most of the time instead of 6th. I've only tested with the Focus for now as I can't afford anything else more expensive but what do you guys usually go for on Oval races? Downforce or Longer Gears? Thanks ~revesburger
  6. hi guys, is there any way to kick people from Custom Cups once it has already started? from what I know, if you have 5 events, you will play the 5 events all in one go, without going back to the lobby. this means there is not time/chance to kick any oen out in case someone is messing around too much. cheers ~revesburger
  7. revesburger

    The future of grid

    I believe that a major part of GRID 1's appeal (for me, anyway) was the absence of tuning and upgrades just get in and drive. boom! I agree. It was all about skills more than anything else. And cars were more ballanced too
  8. revesburger

    The future of grid

    to be fair, there were lots of improvements between GRID --> GRID 2 --> GRID Autosport. not talknig only about graphics but also in gameplay and small details in the game. In GRID 1, for example, you were not able to tune your car at all. in GRID 2, you had upgrades. Now you have Tuning plus Upgrades. hopefully, the next GRID will have even more improvements and hopefully more FREE DLCs or at least more racing types as default. I really loved Tougue/Sprint races in GRID 1 and 2 and it was a shame that you have to pay for it now
  9. revesburger

    Most difficult Grid of the series

    GRID 1 was obvisouly my first one and it was my early days with a PS3 and I didn't have much control of the throttle. that made the game quite tricky for me and controlling high tier cars was very tricky for me. Not sure why but GRID 2 was the easiest one for me. quite arcade-y and easy to drift so it wasn't too bad and I managed to win lots of online races GRID Autosport resembles GRID 1 more than GRID 2 in gameplay and throttle control. it is hard but I'm much more confortable in controlling my speed and acceleration now so I'm doing quite well now.
  10. revesburger

    Team objectives and AI rubber band.

    No, it was Kal Online. I played that since the early Open Beta and it had tons of bugs :disagree: it was fun though XD
  11. revesburger

    Team objectives and AI rubber band.

    you know that, by deleting that file, this can be considered cheating, right? especially if you host an Online Custom Cup with AI in it... either way, this reminds me of a MMO I used to play. people found out that, by changing the name of one folder, you would get rid of all buildings in the game. this would allow people to walk through things/walks/buildings. the buildings would be there for you and me but not for those who did this "trick", hence why they could go though walls and shit. it was funny at the time but then the developers fixed it :D
  12. revesburger

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    I would love to see Interlagos on GRID. South America has always been neglected by GRID series :(
  13. revesburger

    Newbie- Grid Autosport Query

    fancy some Drag Challenges? let me know :)
  14. revesburger

    What's wrong with Grid Autosport AI?

    it's been like this for a while and I don't think it will change... if you want proper races, do Online Custom Cups. AI will mostly ram you for no reason all the time.
  15. revesburger

    Newbie- Grid Autosport Query

    as far as I know, no PS3 games have region lock. I always play games with my mates in Brazil so that shouldn't be a problem for you. hope you enjoy the game :)
  16. the secret there is trying to be Top 3 at the long staright. if you do that, you can easily be first by the downhill section and not have to worry about being rammed.
  17. revesburger

    There are more players on Grid 2 than GAS. Why???

    racing = cars on a track. GRID 2 IS a racing game what do you understand by racing?
  18. revesburger

    Online Playlist

    I think all tracks should be available in any direction with any car. except Miglia in Spa/Mt Panorama :D
  19. revesburger

    Drag Racing - Reaction Times and Tunning

    I can get good reactions but I still struggle to understand the physical line between 0.001 RT and a Disqualification...
  20. revesburger

    Have you ever been kicked for No Reason?

    just got kicked yesterday after winning 4 out of 5 Drag Races with the  Miglia. probably would've won the last one if I didn't get too cocky and aimed for an even smaller RT and got Disq :(
  21. revesburger

    Dear Complainers and CM

    @Loore I would test CM games for free :)
  22. revesburger

    GAS Freezing

    even WRC gives penalties if you take shortcuts so this is not something exclusive to Circuit Racing. the throttle limitation penalty is the best thing you can do when races only last 4~5 laps and you don't have pits. if this was F1, NASCAR or any other category I know, you would get a Stop-n-Go for cutting corners
  23. revesburger

    GAS Freezing

    why delete penalties? so people can take shortcuts? no thanks.
  24. revesburger

    Drag Racing - Reaction Times and Tunning

    this is GRID, not Gran Turismo. I don't think Rotary Engines are REALLY taken into consideration here. however, torque/RPM must be. by the way, RX7, MX5 and 787B all use Rotary Engines :) in regards to wheel spin, I can control it well on Races but is harder when you are holding the e-break/clutch. I tend to panic a bit and go full throttle :neutral_face: impressive O.O
  25. revesburger

    Drag Racing - Reaction Times and Tunning

    so my wheel has to be within the reach of the red line by the time the green light goes on? is that it? I usually shallow stage all the time and works very well for me with pretty much ANY car. I get very good Reaction Times compared to the AI (haven't been able to play online yet) but often my race times are not as good as theirs. I still win though. about my race times, I don't know if the problem is the car, the tunning or the driver :P the Nissan Silvia seems to beat a RX7 at 1/4 Mile but I got destroyed by the time we got to the 1/2 mile mark :(