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    Pit Coins

    Purchased 13000 pit coins on Microsoft store have not gone on game. Any ideas @BarryBL
  2. Gallearsc


    How are you certain that will stop Mercedes dominance
  3. Gallearsc


    There is at Brazil
  4. Gallearsc

    Editing the MFD

    For xbox you need kinect don't you?
  5. Gallearsc

    Facility Levels

    Same here didn't think anything of it bo be honest, but great spot
  6. Is this on xbox yet anyone?
  7. Engine sounds changed but driver performance no read posts above
  8. How much is DLC @BarryBL
  9. Gallearsc

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    One thing everyone seems to agree on is Mercedes are miles ahead 🤣🤣
  10. Gallearsc

    Thanks Codemasters

    @BarryBLcheers to you and codies. Appreciate all the work you are putting in. Pitcoins finally arrived
  11. Gallearsc

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    I get @BarryBLand codies staff might be a bit ****** off with issues but they would go into more detail (I hope) 🤣🤣
  12. Gallearsc

    Pitcoins. Check your xbox messages!

    Try reinstall it
  13. Gallearsc

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Is 1.07 due @BarryBLand thanks for sorting Pitcoins mate
  14. Gallearsc

    70 and Schumacher livery

    Can these be used in my team now?
  15. Gallearsc

    Performance update

    What does everyone think do you think we will see a performance update this week or any other form of update?
  16. Gallearsc

    Pit stop strategy change

    I agree here it did not happen in testing 100%
  17. Gallearsc

    The game does not follow real SC/VSC regulations

    See I've never experienced this issue before but report and will get sorted
  18. Gallearsc

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Definitely points on license🤣
  19. Gallearsc

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Definitely driver one
  20. Gallearsc


    Anyone got 1.06 on xbox yet?
  21. Gallearsc

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Has anyone got this patch on xbox yet?