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  1. i have been racing cm games since toca 2 so ya, I was aware that you could wallride the walls at bathhurst just like every other iteration of codemasters racing games.
  2. Im interested, but I work alot.  Honestly only home, online a couple hours a nite and then its between this and destiny which, to be perfectly honest is far better of a game.
  3. Whatever loser.  If I so feel obliged in the future to do that, I will do so of my own choice not cause some CM kissass suggests it.
  4. Fuck off.  I paid 83 dollars for this POS and the downloadable content.  You have no right to tell me what to do.  Piss off bitch.
  5. My post wasnt even directed towards you @flowaangelz it was directed to CM.  You can go back to whatever dis interesting thing you were doing before you tried to become clever.
  6. What does your opinion have to do with anything?  I say Im no longer playing because the game is riddled with issues.  Ive moved on to something else.  I happened to name what I have moved on to.  So f'n what?
  7. Ive stopped playing it entirely.  Playing Destiny.  I will never again buy a CM game at release.  I will read the forums and buy 2 months in if responses are favorable which I highly doubt.
  8. Yeh it's a joke mate, funny how we never get any answers on this forum! Let me know if you hear anything mate. Ya funny how @loore never responds to the community . *sarcasm*  Honestly, what could he possibly say?
  9. I understand that those of you here who came in second and 3rd feel cheated and rightfully so if indeed you know for certain that those who placed ahead of you actually wall rid and how could you be certain?  Given every single previous codemasters game which had bathhurst you could wall ride the same corners CM had to know that people would exploit it.
  10. You were absolutely hit..........not that I care, but ya, they hit you and then overtook you.
  11. I dont see why there is a discussion.  All options should be available for the host to select.  I personally find random to be the fairest and its the only way I host a room.
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